When do the lions finally decide that on a per game played ratio, DD is costing more than he is worth.

Getting tired of this guys constant injuries.

Then cut him.

Tough call FYB. When DD is healthy, he sure is one of the best QBs around but I do agree that his injuries are getting a little tiresome and the money could be better spent.

DD takes a 3-step drop to throw a 5-yard pass to Clermont only to be creamed because Jiminez completely missed his block on Perry.

He maybe injury prone but he has also taken a pounding due to poor protection over the years.

How about Jackie Mitchell's huge backside hit a year ago that went a long way to costing Antonio Warren his job?

You maybe getting tired of his injuries as much as he is getting tired about taking some huge shots that it seems most opposing QBs don't have to worry about.

Bahh, every QB takes huge shots. Its part of the game.

We will never be able to make FYB a member of the Dave Dickenson Fan club!

However this concussion might be the final one that forces retirement. His immediate familly have got to be asking: " Why risk any more damage?"

You say he costing the team too much and the Lions should look for someone else. My question is WHO? DD is about the best QB this league has seen in a long time.Who would you want? Henry Burris or someone else?

Define long time.

Who would you say is the last 5 QBs that were better?

I want more Buck for the Dollar.

DD will never make any list of all time CFL QBS, unless maybe it is top 100.

I dont dislike him, just have never really been as high on him as others.

Yeah... a helmet to helmet shot from an unblocked DE is just a typical QB hit. :roll:

Well at least Pierce avoided being injured in his first action of the season.

Yeah... a helmet to helmet shot from an unblocked DE is just a typical QB hit.
unfortunatly, its not so rare as we would like.

I'm getting tired of people complaining about D.D. , when the dude putting his body on the line to make plays. Its the toughest position to play when guys are trying to take your head off. I pray that it doesn't effect his health for very long and that he comes back as soon as he's ready.It's a luxury to have two capable back-ups that could start on any other team.Goooo! Lions Goooo!

Im getting tired of people complaining about people complaining.... :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Goldmember; plus, DD isn't the biggest guy in the world. When he was standing beside Ricky Ray he looked tiny. He takes the hit just as good as guys twice his size. You have to give him credit for that.

Is DD smaller than Flutie??

DD Wins us a grey cup and fan's are trying to run him out of town, what else do you want Cassey Printers? (who is overrated)

What if Dan cloutier won us a stanley cup would you run him out of town too?

I caqn't belive in this town that if that atheate is not a exciting player, like takeing people out of thier seats everytime they touch the puck ,catch the ball, or throught the ball in some excitting fason then we say he is boring or no good.

I dont see anyone saying DD is not good. I do think he is not quite the Football QB God people make him out to be, but I would be happy with him if he stayed healthy. The whole point is about how much time he misses each season.

yeah... , DD seems to be snake bit or something.I've seen that Ricky Ray get smoked a few times and nothing happens to him.He looks kinda wimpy but he's a resilient SOB.I'd have to say tho , the reason the Lions are doing so well is because our defense is playing awesome right now.Sorry Ticats..... Tee! Hee!