Question will the Bombers "Bomb" this season!

Well will they tank it this season! Will pappa lead the piggy to the trough? Will Duck monk find a team to call home? Will Yogi find a picnic basket? Will WinnerPegger be come LoserPegger? These are all good questions but really with all the changes do you think the Bombers will bomb this year?

...YEAH ...there gonna 'bomb'... bomb.somebody ...but will have to start with the ALS' instead of the stumps.. :lol:

I agree the Al’s should have a good time beating the Bombers! ''''you've got it reversed again good time will be had by the Bombers....we have their :wink:

I see the Bombers are so use to losing they will have a good time losing against the Al's. Very good point Pappa! you still don't get it.....let me put it a little differently so you can understand.....the Als....along with a lot of other teams will be having the BAD time....being they (the other team....teams)...will be on the losing end of the score...when the game is finished...completed....fin....ended....the 'fat lady sung'.......WE'LL BE't be so concerned.. :wink:

Berry knows there playbook thats our advantage and we got milt aj and barrin and possibly Hybert. THEY WILL BOMB!!!

they better start planing the parade

Winnipeg has no proven starter at QB.... Stegall and Roberts seem to be there whole offence. Even Tee Martin can throw to a wide open Stegall.... too many self centered players in camp(one is too many but there seem to 3 this year in the Peg)... a new coaching staff that has good credentials, but its Berry's first crack at being a head coach.... it all adds up to a long year in the Peg...

No pappa it is you that have it wrong take a look at the percentages they sure lok like they will bomb big time! Get those paper bags reeady and cut out eyes! Montreal will have a big head start winning that many in the first 6 to 8 games!

remember when everyone was bashing the esks with maciocia?? cause he was a rookie coach?then he won the GC i think its a possibility to get that far and ppl were bashing the stumps last year like what ppl are doing to the bombers this year and look they were 2nd in the west.

Exactly and pay back is a B*tch!

red, are you secretly a bomber fan because you keep making threads about your man-love with them.

Brokeback Mountain?

ya right I would rather cheer for the Riders then the Bombers ha ha ha ha

ok, drop the dobbie redwhite, that's not even funny, that's just plain wrong for anybody to say. that makes me vomit, you went to far.


1.Edmonton or Saskatchewan
2.Edmonton or Saskatchewan

3.Toronto or Winnepeg
4.Winnepeg ro Toronto

good thing they're not in the west then...

The difference with the esks last year and the bombers this year is so big but Ill try to go through it point by point:

-the year before the esks were a good team finishing 9-9 not great but a pretty good position for a first time head coach

-The esks had the best receiver in the league plus he was backed up by two very good receivers

-Ricky Ray was the starter on the esks last year he is a proven winner in the CFL and just wasnt quite good enough to crack an NFL roster which is a lot more than can be said about Kevin Glenn

-Maciocia was with the esks orginization for several years and so was already familiar with the players when he stepped in

Also Berry was Calvillos cheerleader not his coach. Berry had very little impact on Calvillo other than cheering him up when he made a mistake. Calvillo ran and still runs the als offense and the person he has always credited with the turnaround in his career has always been Tracy Ham and to a lesser extent the Don for turning the als into a passing team

It will also take the bombers some time for them to used to the systems that the new coahces put into place, and to be successful, all the players will have to buy into the system. Execution will also be key, and for everyone to get in sync will take time, and it could very well be by the time that happens, the bombers could have a record far below .500. Turn arounds dont happen like that, especially when you dont change the most important position in the game, which is the QB. Also, with new personnel, it will take time for them to get used to one another. It took Calgary some time before they started to gel, but they had some good talent and proven coach(Higgins) to put it all together. Winnipeg has an uproven head coach , so if he makes a lot of changes to the playbook, dont expect results to happen that quickly.

You've got to give Taman high marks for trying...but until he gets a top flight QB the BB's are going to be just a competitive team trying to make the playoffs. Maybe Brad Banks can live up to his potential and become "the guy" but its too early to tell. Kevin Glenn is a good back up type QB that will kill you with inconsistency IMO.