Question: What makes you a CFL fan?

simple, what makes you a fan of the CFL?

spill it!! :slight_smile:

the fact that (as is the slogan this year) no lead is safe... at the end of a CFL game the lead can change so many times.... excitement to the end!

Looking forward to watching the Grey Cup Game since 1964-65..

I am a cfl fan because it is canadian football, and because sask won the cup in 66.

Because it's the greatest football in the world. It's what sports should be about. You have a direct association with your team and you can relate with the players. It's "my town" versus "your town". I truly believe that CFL teams are a reflection of their communities they play in. As the commercial states, this is our league.

Oh and the passion, loyalty and tradition that is apparent with this timeless Canadian institution.

Familiarity and excitement for me. I live in the states now so it keeps me closer to my heritage, and I find it to be a slightly better, more exciting and interesting brand of football overall despite the overblown talent gap. It's just good ol' fashioned Canadian pro football the way football should be played, and not by a bunch of mostly overpaid primadonnas either, but guys who play because they love the game just want to win.

The most exciting game in sports which I have been watching since 72.

Go Esks

Because it’s not one of those regular 30 team leagues out there. :wink:

Well, a few other reasons but I’m tired and time to go to bed as tomorrow I have to be ready to watch my Ticats beat the Bombers.

The bigger field ... because it forces teams to sign better athletes.

Its astounding to me that CFL corner backs can actually cover receivers who know where they're going and have this huge field in front of them to play with. It makes the game a lot harder ... than just giving the ball to the steroid freak to plow 2.5 yards every play.

That and the no lead is safe yes ... lots of games come down to the last play deciding it.

The pure love of the game. I don't need phony hype or the act of gambling to love this game!!!!

Simple, no toucbacks. Touchbacks annoy me, 20 free yards for failing or being too timid to return the ball because the kicker put a good hoof on it. Granted the one thing that annoys me about the CFL is the single as it pertains to field goal attempts, but that's another can of worms.

That and while the run is important, it's predominantly a passers league.

what makes me a CFL fan.
Its -14 on Nov 20th and I'm off to the stadium to watch the Bomber Game.

Why the poop we are not building a dome is beyond me.

Well over 50 years of devotion.

Growing up watching Jackie Parker, Normie Quong, Rollie Myles, Johnnie Bright, Tommy Joe Coffey, and lest you think it’s only the Eskimos: Wayne Harris, Harvey Wylie, George Reid, Ron Lancaster, Willie Flemming, Ken Ploen, etc., etc, etc.

And that just gets us into the 60’s.

Can’t think of anyone I like in the East,lol. On second thought, Garney Henley is probably the greatest non-quarterback in history. he alone would be a good reason to love the CFL. :cowboy: :thup:

Born in Sask, raised on the Riders.
Had my first transfusion of green blood when I was 6 months old. Its part of my childhood and part of my culture, just as much as Christmas is. The Riders are part of the CFL, and wouldn't exist without it, so loving one means you love the other.

Honestly, I've never thought about WHY I'm a CFL fan, I just am. Its part of me, and beyond question. Kinda like a pulse or breathing. You may as well ask "Why were you born with legs?" :smiley:

The majority I think play for the love of the game. They are not becoming millionaires like a lot of their cousins down south. Heck...alot of them don't make much more than I do in a year. They seem like "real" people that the majority of us can relate to. Hey, who hasn't been playing a football pickup game growing up and hoping that your CFL team's coach might happen by and decide to give you a shot?

It is also THE single most exciting sport there is. It has been said many times over so one more time won't matter.......................NO LEAD IS SAFE.

Those of us that have grown up with this game are truly blessed. The rest of you......TIME TO GET ON BOARD! :rockin: