Question, What City has thrown the best Grey Cup Party?

plain and simple, what city has thrown the best Grey Cup Party??

not GAME.. I mean Party, throughout Grey Cup week and into the weekend, and then the big game!!

I have been to both Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan Grey Cups and I have seen it all, through out the downtowns! the hotels and the arrangements!

personally, I have seen a better Party in Regina than both Edmonton And Calgary! but not by much!!

Well until you have been to all of them you can't really answer that..even though I have the feeling even if you were to go to all of them I am doubting your answer would change.

I think a better question is why people(not just you) ask these types of questions? There is no definite answer and usually starts the same old bs. I'm sure every party is great in its own way.

Cflisthebest starts these types of threads because he/she enjoys attempting to run down calgary and especially edmonton any chance they get. From what I've seen, I would guess that >90% of his/her posts run down or criticize Edmonton in some way. They should really get over their inferiority complex, it's pretty pathetic.

Everybody's GC week experience is different. Therefore there is no "best". They're all good.

Calgary holds the honour of having busted GC week wide open when they showed up in Toronto in '49 (?) and showed 'em how to party. Riding the horse into the Royal York signalled the beginning, so if any place can claim the biggest GC party hat it probably has to be Calgary. No doubt Regina throws a great shindig though.

I heard Toronto sucked in 07 from people I know who went from here.

Pretty much. :lol:

Not True. It was quite fun. That might have had to do with the Riders being there, but not completely.

I had a lot of fun. And it wasn't just the Riders being in the game as compared to 1989, it was much much better. Toronto is a little uptight generally, but they largely embraced the game this time around.
The worst Grey Cup I've been to was 1993 in Calgary.
The best may have been last year in Montreal. Ottawa is a great Grey Cup city as well. And Vancouver might not "Grey Cup" as hard as some, but it sure is a fun city.
I preferred Edmonton in 1997 to Calgary if anyone is keeping track. Again--not because the Riders were there, but because the party was better.
If I were only going to go to one of the 3 West games coming up, I'd for sure go to Vancouver. But I'll likely go to all 3.

Yup, it wasn't good at all. The city never got into it. Most were more worried about complaining about the Leafs being horrible than the Grey Cup being in town.
Best ones for me were BC in 2005, Regina in 2003 and Winterpeg in 2006

ok first off, I am a man. :slight_smile:

I don't do that! I like Calgary! so that totally throws your dumb-butt theory out the window! I would always cheer for the Stamps except when they play Montreal and Saskatchewan.


have you ACTUALLY looked? my posts are not always against the Esks. not even close to 50%

Sure I don't care for the Eskimos, and I believe in my mind that they do things in the CFL that undermine the rest of the league. but that's just my opinion.

But I have always acknowledged their teams when they are a good team! Quite frankly they haven't been very good the last 3 seasons!

I usually wait until the season is underway before I start making any predictions about teams! So Until the Esks have proven themselves, I won't say either way about them.

Can I help being a very passionate, educated person when it comes to the CFL and how this game goes?

I demand excellence and common sense regarding the CFL.

and i see a lot of people on here that don't have a clue.

I heard that in Toronto they canceled the breakfast or something because of some snow lol.

Fair enough. Im sure the Riders being must have helped.... at least a little.

I am pasting this from another topic but should be more appropriate here. As before I can only comment on Cities I have attended the game in, so because I haven't attended games in Winnipeg or Regina so I can only compare those Festivals I have attended. Also all of us, myself included are going to be biased towards our chosen team, it is only natural. Here is my pecking order with a short reason why.

  1. Edmonton, been to every Grey Cup and had a great time each and every time. Best half time ever - Trooper
  2. Ottawa, the down-town area became party central, great show.
  3. Montreal, great city with or without the Grey Cup. Lack of local involvement only drawback.
  4. Hamilton, Ti-Cat fans make every Grey Cup a party, not matter what city it's played in.
  5. Calgary, would likely rate higher if I didn't live here, a road trip automatically makes it more fun.
  6. Toronto, overpriced, overblown, did anyone in TO even care, again no local involvement.
  7. Vancouver, boring, one of 2 games was decent but party was almost non existent. Don't think there was a Lions fan in the city, thank god Hamilton fans took up the slack.

I have no doubt in my mind that both Regina and Winnipegs Grey Cups were a blast and I certainly wish that I could have attended both but sometimes work would get in the way of things, damn!

No matter where the game is held, if the local fans do not get involved it puts a slight damper on the festivities. In the games I have attended, in Montreal, Toronto and, Vancouver, local involvement was nearly non-existent. Maybe these Cities are too cosmopolitan to let their hair down a little, their loss.