Question to the Ticats office re: The Ticat Bus

First off, I think the generous contribution of the Ticats Bus by Tiger-Cat superfan, Chris Ecklund is incredible. It's nice to see someone in that kind of financial position think so unselfishly of the Tiger-Cats and us fans.

Cheers to Chris! :smiley:

Could someone in the Ticats office explain how the "bus" works?.....I have some events in my community this coming spring and summer that might be great venues for the Ticats Bus along with Stripes and a few players and cheerleaders to make an appearance at....stuff like that is usually a "win-win" situation as far as promotion for both the event as well as the Ticats....I do understand that there may be a minimal fee though for the player's time as well as the cheerleaders and "Stripes"

If the protocol has been posted before, my apologies as I may have missed it.

thanks 8)

The bus is super.

But I think its one of those questions that can easliy be answered with a phone call or PM.

Or taking a quick peak on the website. Oh look...I found it. 2.4 seconds

Or taking a quick peak on the website. Oh look...I found it. 2.4 seconds[/quote

Thanks.....I saw that thing about player appearances.....I was asking about the luxury bus though.....I can't seem to find that info

thanks anyhow.

I'll see if I can find Ecklund's phone number to ask him directly....

I'll figure it out on my own....thanks for the responses

cheers! :slight_smile:

Don't you just appreciate the helpfulness of the people on this site. Feel the love. :wink: