Question....split/backs set

Since Caulley has totaly recovered from his injury....a few weeks ago.
I continue to wonder why the hell our Cats are not using Caulley AND Cobb in a two split/backs set on Offence. Line them up two deep...or side by side behind the QB.
We have all seen in the past few weeks what Cobb can do.
And we all know what Terry can do.....why are we not using these guys together ?
Is it because of the ratio thing ?
These two guys would be a powerfull force....working together. :thup:


8) Well, since we started the season with both Caulley and Tre Smith together in the backfield, it
  can be done again.  However to go with the 2 Import backs, you have to go with another Canadian
  starter somewhere else !!!

  Where do you want to sacrifice another import starter  ???

   A wide receiver spot, linebacking spot, DB spot, or DL position or OL position ??

   If I recall correctly, I believe it was on the DL, with Matt Kirk starting in the first game, to enable
   the twin IMP backfield !!!