Question regarding videos of whole games


I am from Switzerland and lived in Winnipeg over 30 years ago. I became a Bombers fan and now bought a pass to the CFL games. However with the time zone it’s not really feasible to get up at 2:30 in the morning during the week and then head of to work. Is there a possibility to watch the whole game later on and not just the recap?

If anybody knows please let me know

Pvr it?

Is that legal under the CFL rules? I guess I could try it.

Do you watch the games online or on TV?


If you watch via yare there is replay on demand

Hi there - you can certainly use the CFL International service at to do exactly that; they have a “live” mode and a “on demand” mode for any games of the season you’ve purchased access to. :slight_smile:

ok I’ll do that

Thanks a lot

It’s working :slight_smile: