Question regarding the Stamps

Calgary fans I'm sure are all aware of the trade that sent Jermaine Copeland to Toronto for receiver P.K. Sam.

Now look at the Stamps' depth chart :

Notice that P.K. Sam is listed as the backup at middle linebacker. . .

Is that just a misprint ?, that has to be a misprint MJ, Sam is still on our IR far as I know, anyone on IR cannot be placed in a depth chart position as they are not activated for play (Robede or Labinjo for example are also not on the depth chart)...

What is wrong with sam again? It's been so long I kind of forget. There's one trade that could use a do-over.
And what is it with calgary sports teams making crappy trades with toronto teams?

still the worst trade ever... possiby the werst in stamps history. i was hoping cope would try to come back to calgary as a free agent, but he signed with toronto again. most likely will finish his career as an argo. but its a good start for Toronto to make themselves a competitve team.