Question regarding "The Longest Yard"

So a couple weeks ago I watched the original with Burt. Classic movie. But something struck me and I've been meaning to ask anyone on here about it. In the movie, the Cons score two touchdown (If I recall) and on one of them they didn't kick the convert but ran it in. Now I can understand that perhaps they don't have the two point conversion rule but why were they still only at 13 points? Am I to understand that they didn't get any extra points on that one touchdown?

Wasn't that the play where after running it in Burt keeps walking out of the endzone and Eddie Albert the Warden is giving the prison guard orders to shoot him because he thinks it's an escape attempt? But then Burt hands the ball to a fan or someone and walks back.

Alex, Movies for a $1000.00 please. Not sure about the score even the cons won. The ending line was after he went to pick up the game ball and walked back towards the Warden, " Stick This In Your Trophy Case" Great line great movie. Alaways enjoyed the early Burt movies.

Yup that's it! bet! Yeah!

No I'm referring to the first half of the game when the cons were winning. Like I said...they scored two TD's, kicked one extra point and on the other TD...Burt ran it in. But somehow...they only end up with 13 points at the half. ????

great are so right.i thought the same thing bout the points

great are so right.i thought the same thing bout the points