Question regarding "REDBLACKS"

So why does it matter? we had this debate a year ago when the name was first announced.
Who the phoque cares about the reason why it's all caps?
We should be pressuring MLSE to change the Leafs name to Leaves it sets a bad example for our kids or immigrants trying to understand English.

REDBLACKS one word ALL CAPS looks great! lower case is wimpy.

Simple - a clubs name is an important part of its identity / tradition. I've always like to be educated on the origins of a clubs name I am supporting.

Example - The Maple Leafs say that the name was chosen in honour of the Maple Leaf Regiment from World War I.

Thanks for the post explaining the meaning btw, not impressed though.

To use 2013's word of the year:

"because branding"

On a related note, I've seen discussion on twitter that many Canadian sportswriters have agreed NOT be spell Redblacks in all-Caps.

The reason that the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox have the "x" instead of the "cks" is simply because the cheapskate owners at the time didn't want to spend money on the extra letters on the jersey's...

If you think I'm joking,check out the tight wad ways of one Charles Comiskey...

Does anybody have the heart to tell him it's not a word, period? Also: go Ticats! And Ti-cats. And Ti-Cats.

And I think the point about "if they had picked a better name, we wouldn't even be discussing this" is completely valid, because if the Ottawa franchise had picked a better name, they wouldn't have felt compelled to arbitrarily spell it in ALL CAPS. The most disgraceful thing is that they are essentially trying to ride on the coattails of the Laval Rouge et Or, by picking a name that not only mimics Laval's in concept, but expressed in French is extremely similar to "Rouge et Or" phonetically. It's like an NFL expansion team trying to capitalize on the popularity of the University of Notre Dame by calling themselves "The Fighting Iris" (Logo contest to follow). It's absurd, and not absurd in the charming "two teams called Roughriders" way.

Maybe Ottawa is just being hyper sensitive over this one word name, two word name thing. After all if anybody should know about confusion over one or two word team names it would be an Ottawa CFL team since previously they did have the two word version of Rough Riders as a name - which was often confused with Saskatchewan's one word Roughriders name. :stuck_out_tongue:

They' re trying to call people's attention away from the fact that they were so uncreative that they couldn't come up with a proper name for their team. Just kidding, but really...

The name was not popular with the NBA commissioner either IIRC.

No the name was linked to the RED and BLACK football team in Watertown New York, the oldest semi-pro team in the US. They did ask the RED and BLACK what they thought and they had no problem with it. Ottawa didn't want to use the R&B logo which is claimed by The RED and BLACK.
As for "if they had picked a better name" ? what would be a better name? they went through the name contest and there were so many suggestions that they turned it over to a marketing company. They looked at the Watertown RED and BLACK and said "wow that's what we want" great marketing, especially for the younger crowd.
The CFL has a problem with it's image for the younger crowd and that's the direction they have to go. Of course the old "baby boomers" don't like it, they love the old exciting names like "Eskimos" or "Argonauts" but the times they are a changin. [url=] ... ?cat=59638[/url]

Isn't it clear? -- Ottawa is our CAPTIALCITY.

So you're telling me it is more modern and youth-oriented to take a page from what you called "the oldest semi-pro team in the US"??? "Oldest" and "semi-pro". Those are just the brand messages the CFL needs to reach the youth market, eh?

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mikem wrote: The CFL has a problem with it's image for the younger crowd and that's the direction they have to go. Of course the old "baby boomers" don't like it, they love the old exciting names like "Eskimos" or "Argonauts" but the times they are a changin.
mikem, are you Phil Lind BTW? :wink:

WTF R REDBLACKS?????? :roll: :wink: Anybody Know????? Anybody at all???? Just what exactly is a rEdBlAcK???? sOUNDS lIKe A
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HEY!!!!!! WHY DON'T WE NAME OUR TEAM THE..........redblacks........ERR no.....REDBLACKS.....ALL the kids WiLL lOvE It!!!!!!

Should be something "cool" like the Leafs or Sox, those don't signify oldie goldie names at all. Or Eskimos, TiCats, Yankees etc. for that matter. :lol:

Whatever teams in whatever league that have an older fanbase have nothing to do with the name of the team IMHO.

Marketing and "brand" people don't deal in significance or logic, they are all about nebulous feelings. Plus they probably trademarked their logo (fonts, visual-style, etc) that way, so are enforcing their IP-rights by "suggesting" to always have the name in cap's.

I watched this expansion with nervous excitement. I could see a terrible name coming. Redblacks it’s self is just tolerable…but all caps…every single time it’s written is just ridiculous. Permanently labels them as “the expansion team”.
If in doubt pick an animal…it’s not hard.
The name will always remind me of the South Australian Redbacks. My state cricket team…but at least a redback is a venomous spider.

They could have called them the Lumberjacks. Or the Burlers. Or the Rivermen. Even the Capitals. Almost anything would have been better than Redblacks. That they hired a marketing firm and this was the best anyone could come up with is very sad.

Found it,question answered regarding "REDBLACK"......Just call them the Ottawa LICORISHSTICKS(All CAPS-OneWord) :cowboy:

Ironically, the team name is written as REDBLACKS in the team logo. Doesn't this imply two separate words?

And of course, the French version of the name actually is two words. Three, if you count the ampersand.