Question regarding Lancaster/Eakin

I'll stay away from the obvious cause I know Ticat fans are really upset today but something got my attention last night during the broadcast.

Maas is having his struggles. Lancaster was a great QB. Why is Lancaster spending time on the sidelines with Eakin when he could be/should be talking to Maas to get some things figured out?

I admit I wasn't at the game so maybe someone who was can tell me if they talk at all. Just seemed strange cause 3 times the camera was on Lancaster...and 3 times he was in discussion with Eakin. This while Maas was on the sidelines and still in the game

I noticed the apparent lack of communication between the two in not just last night's game but previous games as well. It looks like a very unhealthy situation. The shots of Paopao in the booth speak volumes too--he looks completely shell shocked.

An Argo fan

Ron is the 'interim' coach, right?

One wonders if his role has been clearly defined, or if politics are playing out.

Maybe Ron wants the job but has decided not to yell at players and put his heart into it until he gets a contract.

Who knows.

I noticed that as well. What struck me as odd was when Eakin went in, the number 3 QB ( forget his name) had the headset on. Why didn't Maas wear the headset so he could have contact with PaoPao and help Eakin? At one point Maas came up behind the number 3 QB to ask what play had been sent in. He then looked at the line of scrimmage with a complete look of confusion. There seems to be complete lack of communcation/cohesion within the coaches/QB's