Question regarding Gibson award night

Is TSN broadcasting or the league having a webcast ???

It looks like TSN is airing a hockey game, and TSN2 is airing a basketball game, and then a hockey game...

this is just wrong.

TSN MUST do their job, broadcast the CFL awards on TV!

that's BS

I don't think they should be forced to broadcast it but you would think the league would at least offer a webcast.

From the TSN website:

Saturday, Nov. 28 - Gibson's Finest CFL Player Awards 2009 at 4:30 p.m. ET (encore at 9 p.m. ET on TSN)

The CFL honours its most outstanding players in an awards ceremony with host Dave Randorf and featuring Chris Schultz, Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie and Chris Cuthbert as presenters at this prestigious event.

The schedule indicates it is a one hour broadcast.

There ya go. Now people can breathe normally again...

Curious that it'd be aired two days later, though. I wonder why the league and TSN didn't come up with a date that worked for both sides. It's seems odd for the league to have the dinner one night, and then TSN airs it two days later.

probably scheduling.

I was at the one in 2003. that was pretty fun.

Kind of pointless once you've known who's won for two days.

Thank you Miz BlueBlood :thup:

Obviously... so why didn't the league agree to have the dinner at 4:30 on Saturday? As HfxTC said, it's kind of pointless watching if you already know the winners.

You're welcome. 8)

Aren't most sports award shows (other than the NHL Awards airing in Canada) taped, edited and then broadcast at a later date?

Possibly… :lol: Truthfully, I don’t really watch the award shows. Not that important to me.

It is one of the few moments outside of game time where focus is ON the players, so I enjoy that.

I can see how a show like that would require a lot of editing. CFL is not exactly the American Music Association or the Oscars.

I know the Espys aren't broadcast live. Doesn't the NBA just hand out their awards at a press conference? Are the NFL awards televised?

I wonder if its Open bar :?

MLB is a press realise. the NHL only does it live because CBC has nothing to broadcast in June.