Question re: nine-game list

I'm not sure if anyone here knows the answer, but here goes...

Last night, Brandon Lynch appeared to injure himself to such a degree that he may not return this season. If this is the case, what is the procedure the Riders take at this point in the season? What I'm asking is basically this: Given there are only seven games remaining in the regular season, is it possible to place Lynch on the nine-game list if it is painfully obvious he cannot possibly return for the regular season or the playoffs, or are the Riders required to place him on the regular injury list, and be on the hook for his salary according to the SMS this year?

As far as I know he can still be placed on the 9 game injured list, but he would have to miss playoff games.

One thing that does suck is that we brought Chick off only to get hurt immediately again so we are on the hook for his frist 9 weeks of salary and he wont go back on the injured list again as he will only be gone for a bout 4 games.

Also we can only take one more player off the 9 game list. Hard to say who its going to be, probably Flick I would imagine.

Flick will be off the nine-game list this week anyway. He was placed there after game two, so may play again after game eleven, which was last night.

9-Game injury dates:

June 21: (Before game 1) Eligable @ WPG
David McKoy
Drew Tate
Jean Francois Morin-Roberge

July 11: (Before game 3) Eligable vs BC
Leron Mitchell
D.J. Flick

July 26: (Before game 5) Eligable vs Calgary
John Chick

Aug 1: (Before game 6) Eligable @ Calgary
T.J. Acree
Andy Fantuz
Chris Getslaf
Kevin Scott

Aug 6: (Before game 7) Eligable vs Hamilton
Carl Berman

Aug 20: (Before game 8 ) Eligable vs EDM
Belton Johnson
Matt Dominguez

Sept 6: (Before game 10) Eligable Playoff game #1
(John Chick - Early remove)
Dek Bake
Adarius Bowman

Sept 12: (Before game 11) Eligable Playoff game #2
John Chick