Question re: First ti-cat game

I want to say sorry well in advance as I am sure these questions have been asked before on here.

A group of us are making the trip to the game tomorrow and we all are wondering what the cost of the beverages are (mostly beer etc) as well as if there are any special concessions (i.e. tim hortons etc) within the stadium.

We are not from the area as well and have an approx 4 hour drive in, so any tidbits would be greatly appreciated.

thanks!!! :smiley:

$8.25 a Tall Boy so get ready to break the bank... I believe there is a Timmies at the Stadium Concessions...

Yes, there are a number of Timmies stops IIRC

Welcome to the Hammer...hope you guys enjoy yourselves.
There is a pub or two in the stadium neighbourhood...just ask around. Have fun!

thanks everyone! One other crazy question... what is the parking? I know at other cfl places, its on peoples front lawns, or everyone is bussed in for the easiest... I guess our lovely DD needs to know where to park us. :smiley:

Yes you can park on lawns and/or driveways. I think most people are charging $10 these days.

There's also $20 parking at Scott Park, directly across Cannon Street from Ivor Wynne. That's where most of the tailgating happens.

There is also plenty of free on-street parking if you are early enough (maybe an hour before the game).
King (south of the stadium) and Gage (east of the stadium) are good. And there's lots of side streets.
Although a lot of parking might be occupied by people attending the Festival of Friends at nearby Gage Park.

You Came to Hamilton at a great time, with the festival going on, Try Parking on Gage ave between The Stadium and Gage Park, And if your here overnight try getting to one of the observation Parking areas on the mountain brow, the view of the City and Harbour/ lake Ontario is Awsome at sunrise!!