Question on Saturday's game

I'm sorry, but I didn't understand this, nor could anyone explain it to me. This question also floated around in stands around me, and no one knew.

In the last 7 or 8 plays or so, they announed on the P.A. "Saskatchewan has declared #57 (I believe) is ineligible on the next play". And it was repeated over and over. Well #57 is Parenteau and he was born in Quebec, so there went my theory on the import rule.

Anyone know?

He was declaring #57 "eligible" it sounded more like "ee Legible" with the french accent the ref had.
It was just saying that 57 could catch a ball if it was thrown to him, unlike normally when 57 is an ineligible # for a reciever.

it means that #57 was lining up as the 'end'; it was the double tight package. and as billy has already mentioned when you report the the ref saying 'IM ELIGIBLE' it means your number on yer jersey doesn't matter and you can be a receiver.

ahhhhh.....that makes sense. Everyone was asking (and thinking) that the ref was saying ineligible. Thanks for clearing that one up!