Question on roster rules

Hello my good northern neighbors!

I have followed the CFL off and on for years, and following the NFL closely for over 35. I love the history of both leagues and each have their nuances which I enjoy. Lately I have been watching more and more CFL.

My significant other is also a big football fan and she loves to ask questions. I am sort of a rules geek on football so I am proud to be able to explain the rules and why things happen on the field, or the strategies that are employed. Occasionally I do a video search to show her something on you tube to express my point, such as onside punts, or that crazy 4 punt ending in the Montreal - Toronto game in 2010.

So I am proud to know the rules, as best as I can and learning more. Then Sunday happened. We were watching the Redblacks…sorry REDBLACKS vs the Tiger Cats. Brad Sinopoli made a fine catch and I pointed out to her that he was voted Most Outstanding Canadian in the east. I then told her that the running back Harris was voted Most Outstanding Canadian in the west.

She was surprised there was a distinction, so I explained the roster rules for Canadians and internationals. I was pretty proud I could bring this information to the top of my head quickly and explain it.

Then she asks, “Well what makes someone qualified as a Canadian? If you have dual citizenship are you qualified? Do you have to be born in Canada? What if your parents are Canadian, but you were born overseas but was brought back and raised in Canada? If an american moves to Canada at a young age and is raised Canadian and is a Canadian citizen do they qualify?”

I think she only went on after the first couple questions because of the expression on my face and she was enjoying pointing out that I do not, in fact, know it all.

So… What exactly are the rules and what exactly qualifies someone as a Canadian under the roster rules? I would appreciate someone informing this ignorant conch.

From the 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement :

It is understood and agreed that for the term of this Agreement, Section 8,
paragraph 6 and 7 0f the C.F.L. By-Laws shall be deleted and the following shall be substituted
“6. The following Players shall be classified asNationalPlayers:
(a) Canadian citizens at the time of signing the Player’s first C.F.L. Standard
Player Contract or PracticeRosterAgreement;
(b) A Player classified as a National (formerly non-import) prior to May 31“,
2014; or
© A Player Who was physically resident in Canada for anaggregate period of
five years prior to attaining the age of 18years.
7. The following Players shall beclassified asInternationalPlayers:
(a) A Player other than one referred to in paragraph 6 above."

The rules around international players is also described in full there. It’s a lot more involved than “must be seven national players”, and in fact never talks about the number of national players. But it’s actually simpler than that, once you see that it’s only four players that need to be restricted.

Sorry about the formatting. I posted that using my phone.

Thank you very much for your response. No worries on the formatting, it was legible and I understood it.