Question on Rogers Centre

Have the banners that have been put up the last few years in the 500 level been removed? The big banners covering over seats with old Argo player names and the Argos logo over some seats? Watching on tv I didn't notice them although I thought I some some little dinky ones with sponsors names on them. I mean the banners didn't fix all the problems of playing in the Rogers Centre but it atleast made the place look a bit better with 20 000 people in a 50 000 seat stadium.

I truly respect David Braley as a person and his heart is really in the right place. He loves the CFL. Having said that his moto seems to be to run the team as cheap as possible and accept the losses. I really think he needs more of a future vision. Take a page out of Bob Young's marketing handbook in Hamilton and I truly think Toronto could be averaging atleast 30 000 a game.

I hate the Argos but a strong attendance in Toronto is good for the whole league (and makes it more fun to beat them).

The banners are gone, replaced by smaller banners paid for by sponsors. I miss the old banners but can't blame Braley and Nicholson for trying to attract new revenue streams.

What exact methods used by Bob Young do you feel would be worth using in Toronto? The markets are completely different.

Agreed they are 2 different markets and maybe I'm jumping the gun as perhaps some things are already done.

But off hand I love the never waste a ticket option with the Ticats. If a game is missed when you have season tickets you can use those tickets to any other game if seats are available. (Usually I end up missing a game so I'll take extra people with me to another game). Also some games there are deals for season ticket holders to buy extra tickets at discounted prices and every game season ticket holders can buy additional tickets at the season ticket price. Using your most loyal fans basically selling extra tickets makes sense. I'm taking about 12 people to the game with me this Saturday.

Also the Argos are doing okay using their Argos TV on the website but the Ticats lead all major league teams (in my opinion anyway) using the internet. Ticats TV is full of information but also some entertaining videos. A small thing but I think the Argos should have a link from their website to this very forum. Keep the link to Friends of the Argos but a direct link to this forum would be smart. Keeping fans connected and part of the team more than before.

I'm assuming the half time entertainment is similar but the Ticats have some great ideas in that regard as well. Sponsoring an MMA fighter and having an MMA night was smart. We had a family night with the Backyardigans for the kids. We have a Kevin Glenn bobblehead night coming up and other good things.

The previous owners of the Argos seemed to show more passion about building crowds for the Argos. I'm glad Braley is around but I just wish he had more of a vision for the future.

The one thing I will say for the Argos is I'm very glad they still at least have the vision to not black out games. Let's hope that stays that way.