QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who is the best quarterback in the CFL?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who is the best quarterback in the CFL?!/CFL

IMO, KG has earned his strips. He will have to be at the top of his game if the Cats plan on winning the cup. He will definitley be a top contender barring any injuries.
Go CAts Go!!

AC until he says its time to retire. Burris, Durrant, Ray tied for 4th

2 Ricky Ray
3 Kevin Glen
4 Durrant
5 Smiling Hank
6 Buck Perice
7 Printers
8 Who Ever Starts in Toronto

1 - Anthony Calvillo - MONTREAL
2 - Ricky Ray - EDMONTON
3 - Henry Burris - CALGARY
4 - Casey Printers - BRITISH COLUMBIA
5 - Darian Durant - SASKATCHEWAN
6 - Kevin Glenn - HAMILTON
7 - Buck Pierce - WINNIPEG
8 - Cleo Lemon - TORONTO


Id have to say its still Calvillo.
But after that its a toss up between Burris, Glenn, Ray and printers.

Tough question because are you speaking overall talent or overall talent combined with ability to lead? Pure talent I have to pick Burris no. 1 easily but Calvillo overall as most valuable because of his combination of skill, experience and ability to lead.

In the CFL with 6 options on every play reading defences is most important over physical ability as well as pocket awareness and being able to avoid the first rusher coming in, so I'm making my list based on these skills.

  1. Calvillo
  2. Glenn
  3. Printers
  4. Burris
  5. Durrant
  6. Ray
  7. Lemon
  8. Pierce
  1. Calvillo
  2. Ray
  3. Burris
  4. Darian Durant
  5. Kevin Glenn
  6. Buck Pierce
  7. Casey Printers
  8. Cleo Lemon

4-6 are pretty much even.
Some might think Printers is too low but i need more than 4 games to know for sure that he's back to MVP form. I think once the lions start to lose a few games he starts pointing fingers.

I agree wholeheartedly with your preamble there Drexl, that reading defences is the most important skill. On that basis,though, how can you possibly rate Lemon ahead of PIerce? All Lemon has is 2 exhibition games under his belt, and his numbers were rather less than inspiring. . .

This is a good example of why your posts shouldn't be taken seriously. Glenn is the 2nd best qb in the league? Printers is better than Burris, Durant, & Ray? Lemon better than Pierce? Remove your head from you butt and try again.

Ricky Ray.

I like this lineup from the voice of the Sask. Roughriders Rod Pedersen. But if I didn't google the topic my top three would be Ricky Ray and/or Anthony Calvillo then Henry Burris.To be honest; Being an Eskimo fan, of course I'd go with Ricky Ray.

  1. Henry Burris
  2. Anthony Calvillo
  3. Ricky Ray
  4. Darian Durant
  5. Kevin Glenn
  6. Casey Printers
  7. Buck Pierce
  8. Cleo Lemon

Thanks tigger for this topic.

1.Calvillo (No Brainer Here)
2.Henry Burris (aslong as he doesnt get rattled he is deadly)
3.Darian Durant (You can't make it to the grey cup in this league with the record they posted in a league this small and not be in top 3.)
4.Kevin Glenn (with a season and a training camp with first team reps and more time with our starting recievers I think hell move up the list)
5.Ricky Ray (seems his abilities have degressed in the past few years it may be the team around him who knows but he sure can change everyones mind in a hurry).
6.Casey Printers (I long debated his position on this list a sour taste in my mouth from years past makes me want him as number 7 but I think with the recieving corps over in BC and training camp to gell he very well could move up the list by labour day)
7.Buck Pierce (only reason he is so low on here is his history of injury great QB lots of talent and knowledge but that doesnt get you a single yard when he is stuck on the sidelines in street clothes)
8.Steven Jyles, Quinton Porter and Adrian Mcpherson( I put these guys on this list because all 3 have proven they can win games in the CFL and if a starter does go down atleast those 3 teams have a bit of security. On a side note Porter is alot like a burris if he is Hot he is HOTT but if he gets rattled he is colder then cold.)
9.Lemon (I put him so low on this list because you can never read how a QB is going to be in the CFL until you get him in a real game against all first string players he isn't the first or the last Nfl qb to be given a shot out here and if he fails or does amazing he wont be the first or the last to come from the NFL to do either.)

Because Pierce has never shown that he can read defences IMO, every time I've seen him play with BC he'd lock onto Simon and Clermont. I rank him low because of the ridiculous talent he had around him in BC yet couldn't lead them anywhere and was pulled often for Jackson who has the worst vision of any qb in this league.

I hear you. . . you make a valid argument. But that still doesn't tell me why you'd rate an unknown like Lemon ahead of him.

I'm predicting this is how it will go down production wise this year, I'm not a huge fan of either Ray or Durrant, they don't have the arm to make certain throws, but Durrant will probably lead the league in passing with the talent he has at receiver and let Lemon play a real game before dismissing him. And I'm putting Burris below Printers because Printers will have the bigger year, he impressed me a lot with how he picked our D apart in the playoffs, also Burris will have a rough year with a banged up line and playing in a system that requires their qb to have loads of time.

I can't really make an arguement for Lemon considering I don't know much about him lol. He's kind of a mystery as to how he'll do at this point that's why I put him there, he'll either come in and play as well as Billy Joe Tolliver or David Archer or be extremely average or be like Shaun King or Rosenbaugh.

Questions like this are pointless because there is really no right answer. Everyone has different views.

Asking what team has the best looking uniforms would be just as constructive and differentiated.