Question:Is a healthy MAAS(but injury prone)worth the risk?

Charlie is going to built a team around MAAS if he
is healthy and probably bring in some rookies to
challege him. With MAAS salary that is about all
the team can aford to bring in.

Are you happy with that???


I say ask MAAS to except a salary cut ,if he
whats to stay.
If he excepts a salary cut then we can pick up
another proven starter.

:thup: :thup:

If he is the best QB in camp and earns the starting job, why should he have to take a pay cut?

If he is relegated to a backup role then yes, perhaps he should take a paycut.

If he is not fully recovered and looks poor, they'll release him.

If he sucks agains, i say bring Back Beutjer!
or trade for Jesse Palmer

If you bring in another starter then he will have to win back the starting position.
If he doesn’t , then he will be traded or released.
Good for everyone all around IF they bring in a proven starter.

IF !!!

I agree with you, but can we afford another
proven starter with MAAS making the BIG BUCKS?


The best man wins and one will walk.
Very simple.;You don't pay $400,000 when they're in camp , only if the win the job.
Maas won't be our backup , he will be cut...or who ever loses.

Just to add to this.
If they DON'T bring in another starter to compete with Maas , I may not attend many games...BOB!!!!!

If I had a million dollars......I'd be rich

-Barenaked Ladies-

(The group sillies!..the group!) :lol:

I SECOND THIS!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn:

Now is the time for the real men
who are true to their convictions

to stand up and say loud and clear,

‘I will boycott the team completely
if the Tiger Cats don’t bring in
2 QBs at top starter’s pay!’

If you say it now, it will soon be forgotten

but if you wait until just before preseason
you may have to live up to your words.

I may not attend many games.
There I said it .....Again.



Oski Wee Wee,

i hope, for everyones sake, that Maas is healthy and back to his '04 form....

it's about time the ticats stop being an easy 2 points for every other team in the league, and start giving a good show to thier fans.

to read jesse lumsden say, ticat players were talkin about thier after-game-plans during 3rd and 4th quarters is discusting.!

Iam going to continue this thread after
the 2007 cfl exibition games in june and
I hope I don't have to tell you I told
you so. (that's if we stay with MAAS and
a bunch of rookies)