Question is 60-1

Answer is the empty seats to butt in the seat ratio for our next home game.
Empty seats. That is what will in the end determine the coaches and managements fate. If a team is not worth going to watch and entertaining then the old guard will be broken up!
I can't imagine the Ticat phone lines ringing much before our next home game can you?

I have been saying this since last season as the fans started not showing up with purchased tickets. Apathy is happening. 9-21 is not a good recipe for the health of a franchise

I am truly sorry to have to say that I will not be at the next home game. Please note, I am not a fair weather fan (was at the '72 grey cup). I have retired up north and travel 3.5 hours to use my season tickets. Right now, this team is not worth the time or gas money. I will show up again when they do. Very sad!

I was really hoping to take my 4 yr old to his first game this summer. That won't be happening unless things change fast. It's not worth the money and keeping him up past his bedtime. This isn't even entertaining. The ones I truly feel for are season ticket holders for spending their hard earned $$ on this. They all deserve a refund. After last nights display I'm not sure freebies could even get me out

It seems like the signs for this team are looking very bad and the people at the top better get concerned.