Question-How many import positions do we have left???

Just wondering.

So are going to have three Canadian WR and two imports on the O-line ??? I think its good to have Canadians at WR because if they suck, just don’t pass the ball to them. ( look at T-bo). I am wondering cause they signed this Robinson and he sounds impressive.

If we have an extra position, do we bring in a punt returner or play an american at Safety?? I would love to see Bush play Safely and get rid of Edwards.

Looks like the list is growing…

Looks like with Canadians McCullough and Mahoney fighting it out for middle linebacker,we’ll be able to play an extra import somewhere. It also looks like there will be two import o-line starters. I’d love to see us find another styrong Canadian starter there. With three first round draft picks we should be able to get a development prospect who will be a backup this year, and hopefully a starter next year.
Go Riders Go!!!