Question from someone coming out of town

I’ll be visiting Vancouver around the time the Roughriders are playing the Lions in August. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I could possibly meet Chris Getzlaf? I’m from Orange County and I’m a huge Anaheim Ducks fan, thought it would be cool to meet Ryan Getzlaf’s brother if possible. Just meet him by the way, no funny business. I have no intentions other than going to the game and hopefully grabbing a quick picture with the man. Thanks for any help! And apologies if this is not the correct forum to be posting the question in. It seemed most appropriate.

Contact the Rider office.


Yes, riderfan has it right. I cannnot make guarantees for the Riders but I know of quite a few stories of a similar nature where the team has been quite accommodating. Even if they are not, at a minimum, you should be able to get to him after the game when they come out to the team bus. I know dozens of fans who used that opportunity to get an autograph from/photo with players. After the game, circle BC place until you find a bus hanging around - don't be shy and ask whoever is hanging around if it is the Rider team bus and explain your story. This is the CFL where players are accessible.

Run down to the front row at the end of the game and just start yelling. The players are usually quite personable to fans, especially if you're wearing his brother's jersey.