Question From Fans

I have #40 on my jerseys. Recently several fans have asked who wore that number. I have searched the history and hall of fame sites and the player's numbers are not there. Does anyone know if this number was ever used?


Grab a Tiger Cats Fact Book from the late 90's or early in this decade.

They have a list of all players that dressed for the club and if my memory serves me correct they show numbers.

This sounds like a job for Mightypope


Tony Catchings #40 DE 1988

Tim Jackson #40 DB 1991-94


Brian McCurdy #40.....signed with us as a DB in the spring of 1995 after playing with Toronto and Ottawa in 1994

Actually he was #26. But at least you got the year right.


Greg Eaglin was #26 in 1995

Not according to my Almanac. In fact its states EAGLIN wore two numbers # 13 and #28 and played on the team in 1993-94 and 1996..not 1995.


Eaglin went to the Argos sometime in 1995....perhaps early in the year.....but he appears in the 1995 media guide as a Tiger-Cat and with #26

The guy who tackles the croquet player in the Gibson's Finest commercial wears #40.

[quote="JerkFaceLoser"]The guy who tackles the croquet player in the GibsonI don't think they are real players in those ads are they? I've tried a number of times to see if there is a name a the back of the jersey but can't see one.

psst.... it's just a guy in a jersey