Question for the Seasoned Veterans

With more free time on my hands heading into the new year, I am wondering how to break into the Canadian Football League (CFL) as either a sports agent, coach and/or within a club's scouting department. Besides bringing a passion for sports in general, I've coached basketball at the collegiate level a decade ago for a few years, but due to family commitments put my coaching aside for the people I love. Interestingly enough, I played football in high school and college, but have yet to coach even a single down at any level. Perhaps some of the more seasoned veterans on this board can help steer me towards the right people so I may share my resume with them in hopes of landing a sports-agent, coach and/or scouting position. We live within close proximity to the Rainbow and Peace bridges, and were married overlooking the Horseshoe Falls before visiting the Butterfly Museum in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on our wedding day, thus my interest in the CFL. Though I'm physically fit, my body cannot handle most of what my mind thinks it can still do, thus I'm in no position to run down any fleet-footed RB's or WR's at this stage of my life, so I'm opting to share what I know about life and giving one's best both on and off the playing surface (ice, field, court, etc).

Coach minor football.

Work your way up.

Appreciate the response, CFListheBest, thanks!

When I think of the "Minors"--at least here in the States--I think of baseball and hockey clubs. If you venture back this way, Do you know off the top of your head know any minor football teams/clubs in Canada?

From there, you can get your feet wet and after a season or two look at helping out with high schoolers. Then move on to OUA or CJFL.

There’s no way you’re just going to walk into a job in the CFL with zero football experience.

Leave the land of Trump.

Try to get a gig in minor football or at a high school. It'll take tons of time. You may luck out at a small college.

Appreciate the helpful link, Ticat1, thanks! Everyone crawls before walking and running. Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

A good point, Argonauts Est 1863, given my collegiate basketball coaching experience. Of course the diagramed X's and O's would have to accommodate 11 positions instead of five. But as you already know there's more to the game than X's and O's drawn up on a board/computer screen.

Anything new on Milo and Barker today? Hang in there, your Blue & White will bounce back nicely. Time to hit the reset button and focus on a league leading 17th Grey Cup Championship.

ROTFLMBO funny smit right there, Liquor Kitty :lol:

Actually, IF we are fortunate, perhaps a small Canadian college or one of the local CFL teams (Hamilton or Toronto) would offer me an opportunity, even if it was Scouting duties, we'll just have to stay in Trump land and pray, really pray. The two T's Trudeau and Trump. Who would have thunk it...

.....not only T''s both of their names begin with Tru.... :lol: Good luck in your quest....

If one were to ask every living CFL fan to describe in one sentence how they came to like the league, I'm going to guess that your answer would be completely unique.

My advice is first become a lawyer where you will know most everything on any matters, which puts you first in line
Then move or stay in the USA land of opportunity and money. Oh and take the kitty liquor out with you before our economy collapses.

Nice catch there, Papazoola, and many thanks for the encouragement too. If nothing promising pans out by next Spring, I may just turn my attention to sports agency, without all of the thrills, flash and dash of course. Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

BIG Grand Canyon smile…thanks!, ExPat, enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Imagine being an American accustomed to littered streets and then finding yourself on the other side of a bridge straining your neck and eyes looking for litter…an empty beer car, a gum wrapper, anything…we got nothing. Don’t know how the Canadians do it, but we were impressed. Impressionable and young back then, but genuinely impressed as we marveled at how clean and beautiful the “Canadian side” was.

Sound advice, Brianjoxx, but a bit late in the lifespan to give law school a go. If I wasn't such a perfectionist, maybe, but any grades less than a "B" and I'd be beside myself, pressing harder to do better, stressing, etc. Right now a sense of purpose doing something I love would be most ideal. Life doesn't owe me anything, so I'll have to get out there and Git-r-done the old-fashioned way. Where's lady luck when you need her?!

Before I dare step into the sensitive arena of politics, suffice it to say I'll let you and Liquor Kitty decide what's best, "Land of Trump" or stay the course w/ Mr. Trudeau.