Question for the fans here..

Saskatchewan owns that brand "Roughriders." Allowing another team to use the same name (no matter how you spell it it's pronounced basically the same) would dilute that brand and cause possible confusion in the market place. So saying the they "have nothing to lose" is far from accurate. If I were the Roughriders I would want to protect the name that garners the largest share of merchandise sales.

rpaege; Again I will say that for many years this league had two Roughriders. The good people of Sask. and Ottawa had no trouble distinguishing their own team. There was no marketplace confusion. I really don't think the merchandise sales in Sask. will falter because of Ottawa. If tradition is smothered by legality, then I hope they pick a good name. Regardless of the name, I will support the league by watching and going to games. I'm just glad Ottawa is coming back, and I'm a Bomber fan! Cheers

in fairness, the Imperials had a wicked run game. :wink:

Of course they won't. If you're into it enough to buy merchandise, your into it enough to know what each team looks like. Hell, even my mom could get that right!

And if she couldn't and got me a Saskatchewan shirt by mistake, not only would that help even things out but I'd have something to replace my Sham-wow to wash my car with. :wink:

This was a great analysis but ruined at the very end on two grievous counts:

  1. You disrespected the Sham-Wow, which is sold by "Vince," the greatest informercial presenter of all time:

  2. You would recommend replacing the Sham-Wow with a Saskatchewan shirt that of course would only scratch up any given car as well.

What about those who are NOT from Ottawa or Regina? Or those who are new to the league and just getting to know the teams? There’s a whole lot more to marketing than preaching to the choir.

I guess when you want something bad enough no amount of reasoning will change your mind. Fortunately, the owners of the new Ottawa franchise appear to be highly competent business people who aren’t likely to let emotions rule their marketing efforts.

If you intend to buy merchandise for a specific team, you probably have an inkling of what that team looks like. If you have no idea because you're buying it for someone else, you'd probably do a minimum amount of research so as not to botch it. You can be new to a league without being completely blind.

I can not wrap my head around the possibility that someone would go to a store, online or in person, regardless of where that person is from, attempt to buy Saskatchewan merchandise, be confused and buy from the wrong team. It is simply ludicrous to me.

Two Teams with same name is bush. Don't lecture me on spelling.Other wise we could add an Atlantic team called the Ruff Riders as well.

The late AL Davidson (Sportscaster) once proposed back in the sixties that both Rough riders should meet for a Winner takes name and loser has to pick a new name. Maybe that is how it should be finally put to "bed".

Go with Rough Raiders :wink:

As an Alouettes fan…
I’m looking to “hate” an Ottawa team regardless of the name

But considering the great Als/Riders rivalries in my past
I’ll be happy to boo and jeer them just a bit more if they’re the Ottawa Roughriders

(and yes…get a secret thrill that it pisses Saskatchewan off as much as it obviously will)

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I was just wondering if the situation was reversed and Sask. was returning to the league after folding. would the Ottawa fans or team have a negative say in them using their traditional and storied name ?

Probably not, but we sure would hear en masse the characteristic indignant attitude of the whole Saskatchewan Rider Nation if this were the case. :slight_smile:

I wouldn't miss it..

As a Ticats and Argos Season ticket holder you have the opportunity to trade in your unused seats. So i save the unused seats for specific games. I registered for Ottawa season tickets back in 2009 by putting a $50.00 deposit down for two seats. We also make the trip to Montreal once a year and make a weekend out of it. A lot of CFL fans do the same thing. I look forward to attending several games in Ottawa !! :thup:

I did too, now I have to get a hold of them because I have moved since then and also changed my e-mail.