Question for the fans here..

How many of you will support the team if they don’t use the Rough Rider name? Don’t read too much into my question, I’m just curious… with all the talk about football being successful in Ottawa, it seems to me that what the nickname is seems to be very important to a few here.

I'm all for tradition myself though new to the very idea of a team in Ottawa as only a CFL fan since 2009.

Plus I like it when more people in Saskatchewan are pissed off than not. :lol:

Looks like the CFL is going to decide that whoever had the Rough Rider name first will get to keep it. Which is Ottawa.

I’ve heard that that Sask will go for the name “Saskatchewan Safeway” it gets them a great sponsor and the S on their helmets can be either Sask or Safeway.

Not trying to be a jerk here (it comes naturally) but this kind of statement always did baffle me somewhat.

When I here stuff like this there is an old saying always comes to my mind..."never tick off the cook" now if you think about it for a minute you will realize that there's a good reason you should not tick off the cook.
So now back to this kind of statement... perhaps it would be just as wise to not tick of those who produce your food...just saying.

I not mad at you nor am I trying to be a jerk (once again it just comes naturally) but this is something I though high time I would throw out there.

See, you are missing my question entirely.. its not an argument about who gets to keep the name, who had it first, etc... I just want to know if the Ottawa fans will support the team if it doesnt have the nickname "Rough Riders"... I'm not posting this question to argue with anyone. I won't judge anyone if they say they won't or if they say they will...

What’s wrong with both Rider teams just going with tradition?

i get the feeling renegades seems to still have a bad stigma to it. i personally want the rough riders again. it worked once, it can work again. but im a traditionalist. two types of riders doesnt bother me. although im not sure hunt owns that name yet.

I'm going to try a novel approach here and actually answer Sambo's question. :lol:

I'll support the team regardless. If it takes the two-name route, my merchandise purchases will lean more towards RR. I'll decide on the new name stuff when I see it but in terms of tickets and maybe the occasional roadie, I'm there.


To answer the original question...

If the Rough Rider name comes back I will buy both merchandise and season tickets - even tho I live 6 hours away and cannot attend games. I will do this because of a sentimental attachment to the team.

If another name is used, I will buy Rough Rider Merchandise - if/when available.

As for the SSR fans who defend their team to the death (and God Bless them for that)...

I don't see how allowing the Ottawa team to use the Rough Rider name hurts your cause. I feel the decision to veto was wrong and selfish.

If the league wants to appeal to a younger potential fanbase,
then they should probably stay away from the Riders name.

When you're competing with the NFL for the all-important younger TV demographic,
having two teams with the same name will not help you be perceived as major league entertainment.

Of course, this doesn't answer the original question ...
but I was never an Ottawa Rough Riders fan to begin with.

I just think using that name again would be somewhat counter-productive for the league.


I disagree. A potential fan is not going to lose interest because 2 teams have similar names.

The name "Rough Riders" should be used to bring in new fans and old.

I think that there is a segment that right now truly feel as though they wouldn't support the team if it was called anything else, however I also think that as the team began to take shape they would come around.

I just hope, as you have hinted, that the team will find a way to use BOTH names. If they had a game (or two) using the OLD Rough Rider name and Logo (White "R" on a Black Helmet) I would make the trip from Niagara to take in a game.

I would buy a ton of merchandise as well.


There use to be a restaurant (in Ottawa) called (forgive the spelling) "Ta Tung". It was a Chinese food restaurant, in a old house, in the middle of no where. I use to go there in my youth. I heard it no longer exists.

BEST CHINESE FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]

Right now, I'm a season ticket holder with the TiCats. Going to games means a weekend trip (I stay with family in Hamilton), which can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Ottawa I can do in a day, so as soon as they get a team, I'll probably become a season ticket holder with them (depends on certain factors, like whether I'm still living here and whether they're as flexible as the TiCats are with their season ticket policy). I don't care what their name is.

It sucks to lose tradition, and I can understand why a lot of people would want the Rough Riders name back. It would be strange to go see the Hamilton Tiger-Cats under any other name (but then, they haven't always been the Tiger-Cats). I can also understand why Saskatchewan, after being the exclusive holder of that name (plus or minus a space) for 15 or so years, would be against it. It's harder to market when there's someone else out there providing the same product with the same-sounding name. (I doubt French's mustard would be too happy if you started selling Frenches mustard. Somehow I don't think you'd get very far if you told them "The names are totally different! An apostrophe looks nothing like an 'e' ")

I accepted the reason why two teams in the league had almost the same name, and, had Ottawa never folded in the first place, I would never have suggested or agreed with anyone who suggested that one (or both) of the teams should have to give it up just so that all teams have distinct names. That being said, though, having two teams with the same name is something of an annoyance in my opinion. Even though there was a good reason for it, it often had to be explained and defended. It would have been better if the two teams did not have the same name (er... very similar names) to begin with. To me, after 15 years of being without the name, this is a chance for a fresh start without that

I wonder if they'd consider using the old Rough Rider logo full time, even if they choose a different name. It's an awesome logo.

I don't mind the name Renegades. It think it sounds better than most of the other suggestions. The only downside to it is the negative connotations it might have from the 2002-2006 era.

I think a new name with the old Rough Riders for retro games is a good compromise between restarting the tradition and starting new. As for what merchandise I'll buy? TiCats only!

An interesting point has been brought up here... someone mentioned that they should use the white 'R' on a black helmet.. why wouldn't they use that on a premanent basis as well as their original unis when they do come back into the league?


Great question... I guess the most important question is :

What does Horne Chen own... Is it JUST the name.

Does he own the logo...

When does the ownership of the name and everything else it includes expire (I heard in the next year or two)...

I've read that the OSEG group were going to do some polling on the nickname. I suspect that they were only going to pursue using the Rough Riders name if a significant majority wanted the name. My guess is that the results of that polling were probably close to 50/50, so OSEG have decided to go for a new name. I doubt that Saskatchewan probably cares that much that they wouldn't consider waiving their "veto" for a little bit of money. I think that this is likely just a move by Hunt to avoid annoying people around the league (including many in Ottawa) by bringing in a new name and putting the blame on Saskatchewan (who have nothing to lose by going along).

I hope CRF curses them. We can call it the "Riders' curse" which will prevent them from winning another Grey Cup until Ottawa has the Rough Riders back. Not that it will make much difference since they've only won 3 in their history. Uh oh, looks like the Alouettes might tie their entire historical performance in just 3 years. Until 2007, the Sarnia Imperials had won more Grey Cups than the snotriders! Now THAT is pathetic, not exactly something I'd want to "protect". LMAO