Question for the eskie's fans

Am I the only one who thought the Eskimo’s 3rd jersey was deadly? In the bombers forum they are HARSHIN’ on their own 3rd jersey as well as the Eskimo’s 3rd jersey. IMO the Eskimo’s should change their 3rd jersey to their home jersey. 8)

Sorry for the yellow text. Its relevant to the topic thats all.

.....yes, you are the only one who thinks the 3rd EE jersey is special...

i loved them and I LOVED the bombers ones to

Green Jerseys, Gold pants...why mess with tradition?

I like em like they were!

(I am biassed, Yellow and Gold do nothing for me!)

They sure beat the Riders' black ones that's for sure.

Edmonton has the best 3rd jerseys in the CFL by far

I don't mind the ESKS third jerseys but they should only be used once a year. The bombers gold was better then the ESKS yellow. They should maybe but a little blue trim on them, although I think that they were throw back jerseys.

I like the bombers gold better than the Esks yellow, but they are both my number two choices for best third jersey in the league. Its just something unique and intriguing to see these colours being used on jerseys. I think it might have looked even better if they used their yellow pants with the yellow jerseys that game. Anyone know if they're using them vs. sask this weekend? I have a feeling they will.

If a Stampeder fan gave himself an enema with yellow paint and crapped it all over a Roughrider shirt, you get something that resembles the Eskimos yellow jerseys.

Horrible. forgot the letter 't' after your last word........

Unlike every other third jerseys that have been done in Canada they are the only two to stick with the traditional colours. Black has never been a Rider or Stamp colour.
BTW if the Esks wore yellow pants they would have to change their name to the bananas

i hate the 3rd jersey, mainly cuz everytime we weat them we suck!

…make sure you wear 'em Saturday, then!!! :smiley:

won't matter, we win this one

They are gonna wear them against the Lions.

are they? I heard they were gonna wear them again in the reg. season. Hope we get some better luck from them this time. Ugly or not, if we dont win at all in them they suck!

Im going to have to give the lions sunglasses damn those are

lionsfanincalgary Status: Offline Posted: Oct 23, 2005 - 01:57 AM

Im going to have to give the lions sunglasses damn those are

This cominbg from a LIONS fan. I am not sure how to take that.