Question for Stamps fans!

Well, I live in BC right now, and I love the Lions, but Stamps are my second favourite team, and I'm moving to Calgary soon. Just wondering, I won't get attacked or anything if I wear my BC Lions jersey to a Stamps game, will I?

Only if R&W unleashes his poodles on you. . . :smiley:

They will stamp you...


Beware of the stamp!!! :wink:

I just got back from the Lions/Stamps game and I've been going to the games every summer and out of all the stadiums I go to, Stamps fans are good. This year, for some reason, they were a little feistier than usual but it was still fun. There are usually a good number of Lions fans at the games as well.

........I can assure you of your personal security everblue.......there is a lot of security in the stadium and so far I've only seen one fan hauled out by the cops, and he was draggin his toes and had a pretty good slobber string hangin off his lower lip, get my drift?'re safe in pretty much any jersey as long as you handle yourself with decorum and good natured fun.....Section C, Row 22, seats 15/16 for me and my wife/son/daughters, give us a wave.......and I hope your transplant here goes well and you and yours quickly attain the success you are looking for.....

R&W will be the guy wearing the gold sequined pants...LOL

......and the three foot high stovepipe tophat.......

I always wear my Eskimos shirt to the Stamps games ( I live in Airdrie wich is 5 min. north of Calgary and I'm a Esks fan) and I have never had a problem. The people I sat around are always good fun. But it could also be that I am 6'5" and 250 ib's. And every time I go, the Eskis always win.

Ah your the little guy in the group!

I was born in Calgary, spent most of my life in Manitoba and have now been going to school in BC for the last couple of years. I've always been a huge Stamps fan and have worn red to many stamps games in Winnipeg and BC. For the most part CFL fans are great. I've only had one bad experience. I hop all goes well for you in the great city of Calgary!!!

dtrain we miss come back home.


I wouldnt recommend you wear a stamps jersey to a game in winnipeg unless your sitting with the blue hairs.

Hey Piggy I can not believe that I have seen many time Stamp fans in the stands.

I'm in Calgary now. What a GREAT city, I love it. I've yet to see the stadium so far, but I haven't explored much. I'm hoping to catch a few CFL games as soon as I get some money. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And I don't like the rain. :stuck_out_tongue: My shoes are all wet. I'm hoping this weekend is a bit.. Dryer..

Glad your enjoying it. Yeah, it is suppose to clear up Saturday...haven't been getting the good whether for a while..start exploring though :slight_smile:

Go Stamps!

Although I’ve seen a few incidents this season, overall I’d say not to be worried. Don’t cause trouble and you won’t find trouble. Simple as that.