Question for Rider fans

Just curious as to how's the beer in the Kiddycup section?

Ouch, You know last night it appaers they have corrected the problems. Notice siren guy appears to be gone LOL>

I'm pretty sure the siren guy is still there, TSN just finally moved the mic.

Sorry Dust I was informed the device was removed.

Who told you that? Man that siren was annoying.

It's very possible it's not there, I sit on the opposite side of the field and can't hear or see it regardless anyways. From what I had read though, the guy was a long time season ticket holder and the siren has been a fixture for a number of years, it was just being picked up by bad placement by TSN mics.

I have been told it was removed by Scott Ackles do to complaints to the CFL. And by the way those that contacted their teams and the CFL good job it worked.

I guess we will have to start piping in cheering like the lions do. :stuck_out_tongue: Me bad. :wink:

OH red sutd you do not want to go there my friend.

We don't need to pipe in noise when we have always been the loudest fans in the CFL ever since we moved into the dome. It holds in the noise and that pumps up the fans. Crappy for concerts though.

Take it easy on old red stud here he is what I would call one of few classy rider fans on this site.

And coming from 05, that means something! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, he sees the word "red" in the name and has delusions :wink:

Willing to bet the siren guy is still there, but doesn't matter riders don't need him the fans are louder anyways, sure makes other fans around the league look as quite as a mouse!

Absolutely a piped in anything there.

They should cap Mosaic park and use the surplus hot air as part of a new green plan :lol:

The beer was excellent and was served to me in a can. Must have sucked to be in the East side though. Did not hear the siren guy on the West side of the field. The Commish was at the game and he sat 5 seats over from me. He took alot of heat from the fans for the 2 blown no yards calls. He left before half time and didn’t return in the 2nd half. Good game from the Riders

Wow can't say su cked or it gets four stars.

Yep, can't say "sucks"...been that way for a couple years now...and it really sucks...

now thats just mean!