Question for Rider fans!

I think they wait it out to the end of the season!

ok I like your cartoon..............which is kinda disturbing in its self...........finish the year and clean house.............Shrivers cause this is his team and we are in the 5th yr of a 5 year rebuilding program...............Barret who has improved as a coach but he's in over all charge............the OC cause we are soooooooo darn predictble..........the DC cause we have lost what 4 or so games on last minute everybody..........start clean.........................maybe hire Eric Tillman as GM and Kent Austin as Head Coach.....................

ok I like your cartoon…which is kinda disturbing in its self…finish the year and clean house…Shrivers cause this is his team and we are in the 5th yr of a 5 year rebuilding program…Barret who has improved as a coach but he’s in over all charge…the OC cause we are soooooooo darn predictble…the DC cause we have lost what 4 or so games on last minute drives…fire everybody…start clean…maybe hire Eric Tillman as GM and Kent Austin as Head Coach…

ur cartoons kinda creepy but definitly work it all out in the offseason

Put "Bouncing Betty" in green with the "S" on front and they wont lose till Elton John goes straight!

I do not want eric tillman. and i voted for fire nealon and the oc, but I would rather just fire Marcel. Nealon is a capable backup but not a starter. so he can stay around till we dump him off in the Offsaeson. BUt I think we can do without Marcel. Hell let Danny call the plays, or Tim KEarse, hell you could do he "ask Madden" feature from madden 2006 and things might work out better for us in that department.

I realize this isn't the opinion of each Rider fan out there, but this seems to be the general concensus of those I've personally spoken to. I don't know that Rider fans are willing to wait until the end of the season to "clean house" when their team, which was touted to be a western contender, is sucking royally. Those I've spoken to want results - now. They want a shakeup of some kind, regardless of the form it takes. First step: get rid of Bellefeuille. Get someone who knows more than two plays (overthrowing to receivers, and running Keith up the middle), and bring in someone who can utilize what the Riders have (Szarka anyone??). If that doesn't work, then it's new QB time. Barrett and Shivers can wait until the end of the season to be ousted, but support for them is withering. (Hmmm. . .withers. . .Shivers. . .might be a connection there. . .)

Nice cartoon....

Clean house after the season!

I say get rid of Bellefeuille. It's like he's reading football for dummies and hasn't got past page 2. With page 1 being the shotgun draw and page 2 bing the standing still hitch pass leaving the wide receiver dead in his tracks. He finally started showing some new stuff in the 4th quarter but these are plays we should be using all year long.

I would love to see the i formation used more with Szarka in. I would also love to see us use our speed to the outside with Greene where he has the option to pass or run. He is not a pocket qb. I would also love to see Keith and Holmes run something different then the draw. THey did an option play to Keith in the fourth quarter and he ran for 20 yards.

what the hell reason would you have to wait in the offseason......thats the classic rider answer.....we couldnt possibly be anymore in the toilet than we are now.......every other team in the league makes a move...except us....the time to clean house was about 2 years ago. We are now into the Shivers Barret show year 5 and its a joke, why dont we just give them another 5, I like watching us's not embarrassing or anything.

I definitely think that this falls squarely on Marcel's shoulders. A couple of weeks ago I posted that I thought they should give him until the end of the season, but now I have changed my mind. Marcel had 2 weeks to prepare for the BC game, and still could not come up with many new plays. Granted there were some, but mainly he stuck to the same old crappy plays. I totally concur with the "ask Madden" comment. The play calling has been so poor that almost anything would be an improvement.

I think that the Riders should have a live website up during games where fans can vote for what play they want to run at any given moment, and then the Riders will be forced to run the play that gets the most votes. This would be a vast improvement over Marcel, because at least most Rider fans on this forum have contemplated using an I formation with Szarka.

You could get Turkeybend as offensive coordinator!

Other formations I would love to see is split backs with Holmes and Keith or a 3 back set with Keith, Holmes, and Szarka. Play-action passing could be very successful out of these formations. We just basically need to do something other than shotgun all the time.

I dont understand why you would want to wait untill the off season.
This season is not over and there are plenty of playoff spots available.

If you do it next year it becomes a rebuilding year yada yada yada

well I was thinking of money as the reason to hold on to I guess a rally is possible..............happen last year..........if we can swing money wise now............clean house