Question for Rider fans re: vs Argos

Rider Fans,

I’m a ticat fan. Was just wondering if you guys would know if the riders are resting players vs argos. If you guys beat Argos and we beat winnipeg, than the last game between Cats and Argos would be for a playoff spot - providing we win by 8 points.

Good luck in the playoffs!!


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Four players have been released - WR Terence Jeffers-harris is one of them.
Mind you I don't think the Riders will be resting anyone just Yet.

Doesn't look like we will be resting many players this week. DD looks like he will be playing, Fulton will be back at tackle. On D we might go with close to the same lineup, but Collins and Turrene should be back soon, same goes for Kromah by the sounds of it.

Nice glad Kromah will be back! He was a beast until he got hurt! Were getting guys back at the right time! I don't think we rest players until Week 19

Thanks for the info guys. Good to know that the Riders will be looking to win this game, especially if they want to stay out west for the playoffs and not cross into the east, if the esks finsh ahead of them.

I'll be cheering for the green on sat night!

If we loose to the bombers, i'd still cheer for them cause i hate the blue and white...

Go Riders!! (only for saturday)


I don’t think Kromah will be playing this weekend as it is being reported that he is on the scout team defence and that is usually an indication of not playing, hopefully next week.

As for the OP’s question, Chamblin has stated that he is not looking to rest anyone for resting sake this week.

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More news on additions and one release. Please excuse me as I don't know where to post articles; or start new thread?
Perhaps used to the Esks forum maybe/perhaps.

Xavier Fulton: Rreturns to left tackle [missed one game], Riders need him being among their most consistant Line-man; that said Xavier hasn't allowed a sack this season - thus good work.

Fulton could have played last week he said but needed to rest for a few nagging injuries, nothing big.

Kromah was a beast before injury. I really hope he gets some action if only to get his game legs back. He'll come into the playoffs health and well rested. We are getting key guys back at the right time, now we need to get that fire back that we have been missing for the last 2 games.