Question for Rider fans in Regina:

I need some advice. I'm shopping from Edmonton for my dad (born and raised Rider fan from Saskatchewan), and i'm interested in purchasing two pins for holiday gifts: the "Green Jersey GC pin" and the "23" Lancaster commemorative. However, the Rider Store anyway, wants to charge me $15 to ship two small items worth less than $11! Is there any other way by which I might acquire these items for less of a shipping cost?

I don't live in Regina, but you could ask a poster that is from there to buy the items and send them to you by mail, and send the money back to them.

wow!! that shipping price is outa control. hopefully someone from regina can help you out. weird you mention pins. i just saw these cool ones on ebay. a little expensive but pretty cool. the clermont one is pretty sweet.

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As much as I like supporting the team by buying from their store, if they are going to rip you off you might want to check out River City sports or Jersey City and see if their onlines stores have the same items with a better deal on shipping, or even try ebay.

This is ironic. I work at a sports store and refuse to buy Rider stuff there. I always buy it from the Riders themselves.

I sent you a PM.

Thanks for doing so, but I don't have a PayPal account. Got a different suggestion for a gift in mind, and after the pewter replica Grey Cup I found here for him last year, i don't think my dad will be too disappointed to not get something Riders-related this year. I think he's happy enough that Clermont is going to be with the Riders anyway (provided it doesn't affect Dressler being on the active roster next year).

Thanks all for the helpful suggestions.

I almost always buy stuff from the Rider store as well, but when you're taking into account the online portion of it, shipping always comes into play. I'll support the Rider store when I can, but only within reason if merchandise is a much better deal elsewhere.