Question for members of Riderfans the fan forum

Why do so many members of the riderfan forums cry for people to be banned from the site just for posting facts, or making very relevant points ? Especially when a Bomber fan who is a member of the site makes a good point about anything they begin wailing for the ban hammer ?..

Why not ask there? No one here would be able to tell you. Has nothing to do with this site.

Because he is a Bomber fan and a member of MBBforums and is just playing silly bugger. Plenty of bummer fans go over there and try to act so innocent all the while asking questions or comments they know that will get a rise out of some Rider fans. Then they try and act all innocent and go “who me?” Booch, and Wanna-b-fanboy are some of the worse offenders and get banned on more then one occasion and then come back and play the same game.

Lol and he needs to talk about banning of other fans, MBB is certainly not shy about doing it either.

Not playing silly bugger… and yes MBB has members who wail as well… sometimes it is justified but many times it is not on either board… maybe I could have posted this in a different place around here(?)…but seriously the fan forums could be so much better if the moderators didn’t cave to the whiners so easily…

Yeah but the issue isn’t so much the moderators but the dummies that go on other fan boards and try and poke the bear on purpose. I know MBB is hostile territory for Rider fans so I rarely go there and if I do I just check what is being posted but never post there myself.

Sure it would be nice if football could be discussed reasonably with other fans but there is always a few that ruin it for everyone and they ruffle feathers intentionally and especially those that try and ask something with a secret message or innuendo to it and then sit there wide eyed acting all innocent and everyone knows it.So when another fan of that team comes over they get a cool reception, even if that other team’s fan meant no malice the one fan base gets upset about it or are on the defensive.

I doubt that is ever going to change though so like I said I just avoid the situation by not going and posting at another teams forum. Just not worth the grief for me anyways .

I understand what you are saying, but those people are the easiest to ignore. I’m talking about going on a forum and posting things no different than what has been posted by others, but because a core group doesn’t agree with your comments they immediately resort to calling you a troll… only because they don’t have an answer or a reply for a specific comment. That kind of stuff is so hypocritical, is weak, and is a huge turn off for fans who just want to have some fun while learning more about their team and the league.

What site is MBB (what’s the URL)?

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perhaps riderfans need to build thicker skin and stop worrying about opinions that they don’t like hearing

To be fair there are Bomber fans who act the same…all though I would gamble that riderfans has more thin skinned posters than MBB…