Question for Kanga-Kucha

When do you think you be able to come to Canada to watch a CFL game? Since you are so interested in the Canadian brand of football and you are a real Winnipeg fan it's amazing that you have not save to come here (for the record a plane ticket from Atlanta to Winnipeg costs $467 US dollars, with plane change in Toronto or Denver). I believe once you said that maybe next year you'll try to come with your japanese girlfriend ¿Do you havce plans already? I believe may fans would like to meet you personally.

I’m think about coming up in Summer 2010, or I might transfer to college up there earlier cuz I’m mad as heck with my Dad over personal reasons and I want to run away.

is their a college in Canada that has a major in History and Political Science?

My girlfriend and I are going thur a Hard time at the moment, we had a fight recently (Canada did come up in it) and we are on a temporary break.

Sorry guys, but this song fits perfectly with my post at the top.

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Pretty much any university I would think would have a fairly good poli sci and history department.

..UNIVERSITY of MAN. has an excellent one...but not only would you have to be a Bomber fan would have to be a Bison BELIEVER... :wink:

Well, he's got that halfway down pact. Kanga's one of the biggest Bomber fans outside of the 'Peg. Y'all just have to educate him on the finer points of the Bisons' role in the CIS (which if memory serves me right, they have a killer squad in hoops and/or volleyball)

I didn't see the U of Manitoba list History or Political Sci as there majors on their site.

Don't worry guys, already a fan, kinda, haven't seen a game yet...

Only team in Winnipeg that I'm not a fan of is the Riffles of the CJFL, sorry boys, I'm a Hittops fan, but I don't dislike the Riffiles.

BTW, My GF and I are back togerther, had a heart to hreat over the phone, and now it's back on! :smiley:

Well, if you're gonna do Poli Sci and/or History, I'm guessing the best place to go would be McGill. The only problem is, they'd try to convert you into an Als fans, not that peeps like 3rd & 10 wouldn't mind, but still. I'm trying to remember if York has a good background in those majors too.

McGill cancelled that program!!!!! McGill is closed for renovations. YA thats it, Its closed
Go to Manitoba! You will do just fine there. :lol:

KK maybe I have missed it somewhere along the line, but how does a guy from Atlanta fall for the CFL. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that, but
what's will all the posts?

Oh no. don't get him started tom

I fell in love with this league in 2004, when I saw a Montreal at Hamilton game on TV, but I'd been interested in it when I found out about it earlier in Fall 2003 and heard is was a combination or Rugby and Griniron (aka NFL football). I love the fact the league has teams in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and Hamilton, and that the sky is the limit in how far the league can grow right now.

Glad to hear everything worked out between you and your lady, KK. Might I suggest the U of C for your degree. As recently as last year it was ranked 46th out of 46 top Canadian Universities (by alumni), but your money will be well spent, since tuition is the 4th most expensive in Canada! To boot, you will get the pleasure of living in a city that has twice as many people living in it than it was designed for. All the roads are too small, and public transit is a joke. :slight_smile:
Actually, Calgary's quite nice - but transit is crap, and the U of C ain't great either. But we do have a history and polisci department (I'm not sure where they stack up against other schools). But it would be fun to see you at Stamps games!

I have all the spring time to think abou wheer I'd like to go, I'll have to find a site that doesn't all the rankings, etc.

I may even come up this summer...

OK. 2010?! I'll mark that on my calender. In 4 years!

Kanga - you are 21 or something; its not called 'running away' anymore. Its called 'moving out'! (and you should have probobly done it 3 years ago).

I heard the bad news about your girlfriend. Then 18 lines later i read the good news about you and your girlfriend. What a roallercoaster!! She must be a wild woman ...


in my case, it would be running away.

and she sure is! :lol:

I’m thinking about coming up to Winnipeg to see a Bomber game next summer, and maybe the GC. I met a guy who has connections at a bar.

Most of the "major" universities in NS have good history and polisci programs... A friend of mine is taking political science at Dalhousie and he's enjoying it, and I know one of the SMU professors of political science and I can vouch that he's a pretty smart guy. Acadia and StFX both have strong programs as well (StFX is (somewhat controvertially) rated the best undergraduate university in the country for 2005). Maybe you could be around when Halifax gets a CFL team :slight_smile:

You crazy guy, Kanga!

Come down to Winterpeg whenever you can, man.


Kanga, you need to come with me to Toronto and hate everything about the city.

Here's to me becoming the next American Don Cherry, and suddenly a Yankee will call HNIC. But first, my american college degree in broadcasting.