Question for Esks fans

With DM gone, I have a question for Esks fans...though others will likely weigh in as well....

Question: Is it too soon for Tillman to come back to the league?

He has had a lot of success with a number of teams, and would probably be good for the Esks. But would the fans accept him?

Disclaimer...this is a question only. I have no source saying anything about Tillman going anywhere. I don't want to start rumours or troll...I'm just curious what you think.

We're having this discussion in the Esks board right now. The opinions are mixed. Some don't think it's good, other's do.

I don't know if he's in the running, but I wouldn't mind having him.

better snap him up quick

The Argos could use him, too. And in TO, he wouldn't have to worry about any media coverage, either.

Can he even get a work visa now though?

General feeling is it is far too soon. Not because ET can't do the job but rather because of the problems it would cause away from the team (sponsors, advertisers, fans, etc).

While opinion is rather split in the small group that talks about the EE here, its not even close on other, larger EE discussion sites ... the consensus is that it is WAYYY too soon to think of ET.

At this stage names like Bruce Lemmerman who has been heavily involved in player management and administration down south have been popping up. BL is an interesting choice simply because he's got the skill and the tools, not just because he's an ex-Esk.

Ditto for Eric Upton, though in that case some of the thought has been that he could fill the role of Dir/Pres of football operations leaving Rick Lelacheur to handle the business side of the team. (Same could be said for Sean Fleming who's got a strong financial background, but I'm not sure he's going to make the jump.)

Terry Ray's name also came up as he's been heavily involved in scouting down south. But with Hervey and Jones already well connected I don't really see how T-Ray would fit into that upper echelon position without the higher mgmt & admin skills.

Why wouldn't he? He received an absolute discharge, which is the same as a non-conviction.