Question for Curiosity's Sake

I was just thinking about the point after a touchdown. I recall seeing once or twice in the passed few seasons where a snap on the kick was botched, and the holder would immediately pick up the ball and try to throw it for a 2-point convert, and usually unsuccessfully from the times I've seen it.

So, I'm just curious, does anyone recall a time where a single point convert was botched, but successfully turned into a 2-point convert? Or perhaps even when a single point convert was intentionally faked and successfully executed?

botched, occasionally
faked, often

A kicked convert is VERY rarely faked in order to go for a two pointer.
Twice in all the years since two points were an option.

Vinatieri threw TD pass against the Rams back in like '06(?) on a botched extra point. Counted as 2.

And it still blows my mind that in the NFL, the convert is snapped from the 2 yard line. I would go for 2 EVERY TIME. 2 yards??? You'd make that 60% of the time minimum.

Don't forget the field of play is narrower and they are; D-Line at the nose of the football.

yes I know, that's why I only said 60. If it was Canada it would be more like 75%.


Thinking about it: I know I've seen it (can't recall when) where a botch or 2pt. convert attempt; fumble or interception goes the other way.

I remember in labour day return in 2001ish... calgary intercepted a 2 point attemp and ran it all the way back to win the game. IIRC ben sankey was the QB for Calgary.

short yardage is a whole pile harder to get in the NFL…unlikely you are running it in, not much of an endzone to pass it into. 2pt converts in the NFL must have a much smaller success rate that the CFL.

I was going to mention that one...they were up by 1, wanted a FG separation. oops.

was hoping to find a video of luck...but...biggest 2pt ever: