Question for BB fans...

…who is your #2 backup, Brink or Elliot?..just want to familiarize his name for when he replaces Jyles due to the JUGGERNAUT of STAMPEDER LINEBACKERS that will KNOCK STEVIE SILLY!!! YEAH BABY!! BOOM!!

Ha that's awesome, good to see such enthusiasm.Jyles is not quite that easy to catch though so hopefully your boys worked hard on contain all week.

Brink is #2 and Elliott is #3 but you need not concern yourself about that. Jyles will do just fine. He's watched lots of tape of the Stamps-Riders game and Durant has given him the benefit of his hindsight on what he would have done differently in order to save his ***.

...Great comeback Blood!...this should be an awesome game

:lol: :lol: Tonight's game topic should be interesting.

Best 2 games of the week are tonight.

.....knock Stevie silly :lol: ??? That;s if they can catch him....there is a huge adrenalin flow when you are running for your life red..... frankly i'd rather see Buck in there.....but Jyles should do okay.. :wink:

…why do you guys suck so much??


That sounds like a question for Ticat, Esks and/or Lions fans. Need to start another thread for that.

There's not enough bandwidth to cover all the problems with the Esks.