Question for Als posters.....

4 minutes left in the game, 23 point lead. Why wouldn''t Mathews put in your back QB Ted White? Last year in the Eastern Final showd what happened when Calvillo went down. Has Mathews ever commented about this issue on the talk shows, post game shows, etc,etc.

I know the CFL can score lots of points in the 4rth quarter, but even Ted White couldn't blow a 23 point lead in 4 minutes.....Could He?

This has always been Matthews philosophy and I doubt it will ever change. I'm guessing if someone asked him the question he'd say, look what happened earlier in the season against Ottawa, the game is four quarters of play.
I do agree with you and Ted White should play more. Last night the Alouettes only really took over later in the game and it's the onside kick that was returned for a TD that really ceiled it. I wouldn't blame Matthews for not playing Ted White last night but some other times I definetly would and I agree with you sportsmen.

This is always the armchair qb question. As a head coach there is no way of giving a good answer. If you put in Ted and he throws a couple of picks then you blame the coach for not keeping the starter in. If the starter gets injured then why was he kept in? Anthony is the starter. This is a team that has had problems this season. It’s important for the starters to step up and play hard. I doubt Anthony would have wanted to step out even if he had been given the option.

This isn’t the 9-0 Als that are crushing teams. Although with 5 sacks last night it felt like it was.

As far as I know it's AC's desision when to come out. MInd you Mathiews can overrule it when ever he wants

Yeah. Matthews want Calvillo to be happy so he generally leaves it to him to get out of a game. And as AC can rack up a second 6000 yards season, I bet he'll stay in as long as possible. If the Als have a playoffs spot assured before the last regular season game, but AC is at 5750 yards before the game, look for him to start.

Sportsmen, to stick with your question, I think Matthews kept his starter in because he did not want to allow the Renegades to eat back some of the lead. Two reasons for that:

  • People keep on saying the Als can't keep on playing solid to the last whistle (which was true in many games this year). So if the Rens come back and score... say... 14 points in the last 4 minutes, that won't give them the W, but that will keep the question marks floating around the team. Matthews don't want that.

  • Matthews wants to establish he can still crush his opponents. That will assure his survival as a head coach. Squeakers like the 0:00:02 victory against the Esks in July are still worth two points in the standings, and we'll take them, but that's not what a coach needs to re-establish credibility when every one is questionning whether he still has it or not.

Not to mention, when the Als collapsed against Ottawa on July 1st, they blew a 23 points lead. So that number "23" was probably significant for Matthews. He wanted to show we can hang to that.

Of course, all this brilliant analysis is just my personnal beliefs. Maybe Matthews just forgot to call back Calvillo because he was picturing small black and white ducks playing guitar in his head.