Question about your secondary

Esks fans, let me know about your secondary.

Last year, you picked up Reggie Durden from the Als. With Montreal, Durden had been their best shutdown DHB; other teams rarely threw in his area. When you guys got him, you put him out on the corner, and he did not do well at all and now his career appears over. I didn't understand that move last year, as I am opposed to trying to force square pegs into round holes.

This year it looks like you are doing the same thing again. You picked up Jason Goss from Hamilton, another great shutdown DHB, and you've put him out on the corner. What gives?? Were I to be the Eskimos secondary coach, I'd move Samuels back out to corner and move Goss back into HB where he belongs.

Am I out to lunch on this? How has Goss looked at the corner?

They have both had their moments although they both appear to be getting stronger each game.

Not really sure what happened to Durden but he looked bad from the start and just couldn't get it turned around.

At least Samuels and Goss appear headed in the right direction. Goss has looked strong the last two games.

If my memory is correct, didn't Durden take a bunch of "Lazy" Pass Intereference calls early in the season and the coaches benched (or cut) him?

They did bench him and then release him. We didn't hear his name past week 5.

The Durden thing confused me too, but Goss looks decent at corner and will probably get better.