Question about Walby......

Is he getting paid by the word???? Like seriously
dude, you dont have to ALWAYS have something to say.

Then when he cant think of anything new, he starts repeating

Ive never been so disappointed to have the sound come on and here him yapping.

Recalling the good times of no announcers was sweet.

Anyhow good game Saskatchewan!

We definitely did not play our best either. If Sankey was in the for the whole game, I believe we would have lost.
As for Walby, a friend who I watched the game with said he liked Walby, but soon changed his mind after about half of the second quarter, LOL. Mark Lee has to be the worst play-by-play guy, he sounds almost robotic when he says "up the gut". Then Walby chimes with nonsensical stuff, and you are ready to push the mute button!

To clarify, he gets paid by the letter :wink:

And it did end up being an entertaining game, as much as blowouts are nice, they are boring.

Mark Lee, on first and 20: “Kerry Joseph gets about ten yards on the play, which is very close to a first down…”


And Walby can’t get paid by the word. He’d go broke. He doesn’t say enough of them properly.

Rumour has it he gets paid $20 for everytime he says "overneath".

...he just looks flustrated...
...any time you gain yards, it's going to be a positive gain...


love Walby

There is a mute button on your remote control if you don't like what a guy is saying or w/e.

Walby is great, give him some time and he can turn into Madden.

John Madden: I love to see a fat guy score.
Pat Summerall: Why?
John Madden: Because first you get a fat guy spike, then you get the fat guy dance.

One day, One day that can be Walby.

And hey Atleast Walby isn't Mac and Black. Hopefully Walby + Khari + DD go to TSN next year.

Walby goes to TSN and I may quit watching football altogether…

I like Walby and his enthusiasm.

There's always the option of muting the game but then you miss the sounds of the games... the crowd, the hits, the atmosphere is lacking if you do that.

btw - Am I alone in experiencing a lot of pages not loading around here lately? Go to make a post and the site crashes temporarily.

I hate Walby… I hope Khari goes to TSN, but no one else as far as Im concerned…

I just get tired of "the BIG Man" intro every ten seconds.

I really like Walby. No joke he's probably one of my favourite commentators. Wish other guys would have his kind of enthusiasm for the game.

Walby speaks his own language but is in no way as bad as john madden. A little bit from a comedina whos name I cant remmeber about john madde:

"I love watching john madden because he makes me feel smart. He’ll say something like ‘when a team gets the ball into the endzone with a series of runs and passes th th th th th tha tha that’s a touchdown’ which is when my wife whos never watched a game of football in her life chimes in ‘well duh!’ ".

The main requirement for being a commentator with the CBC is that your pant size has to be at least twice your IQ. Walby sets the bar really high there with a pant size roughly 50 times his IQ

yeah but John Madden is a legend. Walby is, well Walby...

:lol: :lol: :lol: Those two posts have me in tears right now...

I am in the minority when I say, and have said before, that I hope TSN picks up Walby. He is one of the better former player commentators the CFL has.

I don't mind his work. Put him in with a good play by play man and he will sound even better.

Wonder if you listen to Petersen and Carteri? Some people find them as annoying as Walby!