Question about ThrowBack WR's

When I was growing up watching CFL games in Detroit, Mich, I can remember the great WR’s wearing jerseys in the 70’s. In particular, I remember the great ones from Edmonton and Winnipeg.

What happened to this trend?

If I remember correctly, Brian Kelly wore #70 and George McGowan wore # 77 (or was it #76) for the Esks. At the same time Stu Lang wore #15.

Does anyone remember that guy who played WR for the Esks the year Moon was a rookie? His name escapes me, as does his number, but I remember him being a real speedster.

Didn’t Joe Poplawski wear #72 for the Bombers?

Ahhhhh, those were the good old days, but this post is making me feel old. As for what happened to that trend, I’ll let you know after I have my nap. :lol: