Question about THF

Any information on the Caretaker's Club at THF? I've searched the TiCat site and there doesn't seem to be much or any info, at least not easily found and/or described. The only reference I found was in the photo gallery for THF.

I've seen fans coming and going to access the tunnel (stairs at the bottom of section 105) where they can view the players enter the field. I believe you require a bracelet to gain access but how are they obtained or who has privileges? Just Premium seat holders??? An extra purchase or option?

Just wondering...

Call (905) 547-2287 for more information.


I did email the TiCats. Not in a position to phone right now so I'll wait to see their reply.

Please post their response. My curiousity if officially twigged. :slight_smile:

I've asked and was informed ...

[b]As for people entering and existing in the tunnel, this is our Caretaker's Club. There is a lounge below the stadium for our Caretaker's Club members. The Caretaker's Club is a membership that some of our season seat holder have purchased. [/b]
I asked what the price of such membership costs but have not had a response as yet. I decided to not push as there were only a few games remaining.

Was also informed over the phone when I first secured my season seats that you had to be "invited" by Caretaker.

I did finally receive a response re the Caretaker’s Club. I do realize they have other priorities right now.

"The Caretaker’s Club is a membership based area at Tim Hortons Field below section 105 which allows members the opportunity to watch the team as they enter the field through the room at the beginning of each game, and also features an inclusive food and beverage package. The membership fee is in addition to the price of each members season seats.

We are currently on a waitlist for the Caretaker’s Club for the 2015 season."

I did send another question about the membership fee or any other additional fees but like FenderGuy69, I’ve yet to hear back.

I guess it’s a case of “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it” :slight_smile: … but I am still curious.

At the start of the season I received a Tim Hortons Field Presentation and it stated for the Caretaker's Club its $2000+Ticket Cost

The first rule of Caretaker's Club is, you do not talk about Caretaker's Club.

The second rule of Caretaker's Club is, you DO NOT talk about Caretaker's Club.

:lol: :thup:

I finally found out the cost of the Caretaker's Club when I was speaking with my ticket rep while renewing my Season Seats for 2015.

Cost is $2,000 per person/seat in addition to your season's ticket price per seat. Roughly another $200 per game for the experience & amenities. In addition to your existing ticket. For me that'd be around $900 per game since I have 3 seats. I'd have to push Freedom 55 back a little bit - or A LOT - or tell the daughter she better get a scholarship!!!

So it comes under, if you have to ask how much, then you can't afford it!

Calling in this week to renew my seats.(sit in the front of sec 104 by temp stairs to Caretakers Club)
The one question I will have for my rep is if they can change the way they have security checking people for their club wristbands.
They stop everyone at the top of the stairs, blocking the view of the field.
No one seems to go down to the club in between plays and it’s just a steady stream that gets pretty annoying after a while.
Hope I get an answer from staff that cures this problem!
Love my seats, but man I came to see a football game not the backsides of club members.


so the stadium MAY be ready by January.

with any luck it'll be fully complete by the pre season opener!!! i kid i kid

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Who would've thought back in June when we were expecting the stadium to be ready for the home opener that it was likely to be April 2015 !!

The city doesn't expect to take over its long-delayed Pan Am stadium until the end of January – or even later.

"I have no confidence (in that date)," said public works head Gerry Davis, who received the latest estimated substantial completion deadline for the increasingly late $145-million stadium from Infrastructure Ontario.

"If it's in April, it's in April."

So a bad last winter cost them 10 months?

So far..... :stuck_out_tongue: