Question about the Running Game

Hi folks, how much of the running game issues do you think are due to the OL vs the backs themselves, or have teams been stacking the box because of the QB issues, and shutting down the running game? I'm wondering with the trade does the addition of two new Offensive Linemen have an additional positive impact on top of having Johnny join the team?

I think it is a combination of the lack of consistency (quality?) on the OL AND the fact that the Als passing game is not enough of a threat to cause defences to worry as much or more about that aspect.

Defenses are trying to take away the run from the Alouettes. They would rather the Alouettes passed the ball.

With our QBs,and the fact we are playing one man down on offense (Ernest Jackson), teams would much rather the Als passed the ball.

I would agree absolutely that the problem is the Als are one dimensional.

Completely, pathetically one dimensional.