Question about the Rules

Hey guys,

I'm another American, who joined last season. Anyways, I'm watching the games that they carry over here in the States, loving the CFL still. I've also gotten used to the single point on touchbacks, and understand when and how it occcurs.

But there's another thing I don't quite understand about the CFL.

Last week, I saw one team kick the ball off in the first half. Then the same team kicked off in the second half. Last night, both teams took turns kicking off. Is there 2 coin tosses in the CFL? Or is the coin toss different?

There is only one coin toss. But the situation you mentioned occurs when the team that wins the coin toss defers their choice to the second half. Usually to try to take advantage of the wind in the 4th quarter. If team A defers, Team b usually will accept the ball to begin the game. Team A decides which end of the field to take in the second half, team B again will accept the ball.

No, the way it works in the CFL is the winner of the coin toss can choose to take the ball or which end of the field to defend, or he take put off that choice until the second half.

At least we dont have a ref that says someone called "tails" when he actually says "heads"... LMAO :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

The question about the single point, or rouge, is pretty common, but it's so controversial that it's always a good question. So, I'll do my best to give you a good answer. I'll leave the coin toss question to others because I'm not sure I understand it myself.

The single point can happen any time the kicking team, either on a field goal or a punt, kicks the ball through the (20 yard) end zone or the receiving team fails to run the ball out.

The object of this point is not to reward a team for failure, as some mistakenly believe, but to reward the kicking team for field position. Since the the end zones are so deep (they used to be 30 yards) a team actually has be fairly close to actually kick it through. For example, if the ball is on the 35 yard line, on a field goal the kicker would have to boot it about 61 yards to kick it out of the end zone (seven yards added for the snap and hold).

The rouge is fairly common, but so are returns out of the end zone. In fact, one of the most exciting plays is the return of a (missed) field goal or punt for a touch down. Already this year there was a 129-yarder. So, while still misunderstood and controversial, the rouge is an important play and often results in exciting action.

Also, Since the 1940s, a Grey Cup has never been decided because of a rouge. Though, there have been several in the Big Game.

There is a more detailed explanation of the rouge here:

I never like the philosophy that the single rewards the offence for getting field position. IMO its a sacrifice that the defence makes. a single point or 35 yards of field.

Also, when a punter misses his coffin corner punt and puts it into the end zone, is the point a reward, or is it a punishment because they lose 35 yards?

35 yards of field position are more important than one point.

Exactly so the punting team was punished.....not rewarded!

If a team is close enough to kick a field goal why would they punt? Therefore, it's still a reward for field position and the defending team is still penalized for giving up the field position and getting the ball on the 35.

And it's VERY debatable that a single is less important than the ball on the 35. It depends on many factors. The score at the time and time left on the clock being only two big ones.

This is why coaches get grey hair.

And what about missing the coffin corner?

How about if I fumble or give up a pick inside the D's 20? I had the field position, where is the reward?

How about a 80-90 yards punt because of the wind or a bounce. There really was no field possition yet as per your deffinition.....they were rewarded.

I am just real glad they made the rule change about punting it out of bounds inside the 20 yd line only.

What about it? You tried on a low percentage play to hem the other side in close to their own goal line and lost. You threw an interception or fumbled. You lost possession of the ball. You lose. That's football.

On the other hand, you drive the ball down the field, attempt a field goal (or punt it deep). You force the other team you give up a single in exchange for the ball on their 35? You win. Pretty simple.

But field position is obviously not an issue if I don't get point for gaining it.....How about the 80 yard punt.....position was not an issue.

Its like you said you punt or kick and and force them to give up the point.
Position is not the issue because I can get that point no matter where I am on the field when I kick the ball. Granted, the farther I advance the easier it becomes but where I am standing when I kick the ball is irrelevant!
On the other hand I can be well inside the opponents end, punt and he returned it to the 5. Same position on the field yet no point!

Therefore it is not a reward for field position. The reward is because the receiving team failed to get it out of the end zone.

I saw an overtime win by the Roughrdiers at Taylor field one time because, I think it was BC, tried to punt the ball through for a single point and the win. Needless to say that is a high pressure punt and the Riders won.

I don't understand what you're talking about. Field position is ALWAYS an issue.