Question about the crossover + The race for 2nd

I think we all know there's a strong possibility that the Esks, the Riders or the Stamps will crossover this year but I'm just wondering.....

Lets say one of these teams end up with more points than the 2nd place team in the east, does this western team host the playoff game or does the 2nd place team from the east host it?

It's going to be a real dogfight for 2nd now that the Esks lost today.... (pisses me off) lol. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.... I think that if the Esks make the playoffs and can establish just a DECENT running game in the next 2 games, they'll be taking 2nd but you never know! Anyways.... Good game Riders, we'll see what tune you'll be singin' on October 15th when you get demolished by the Esks :lol: ........

BC will suffer their first loss to the eskies and we should be getting a crowd of 40 thousand to 50 thousand if they're giving away those tickets..... See you all on the 24th....

I think for the Esks to be successful you need to get Maas in there. For some reason we are not watching the same Ricky Ray of old.

The best you can do in a crossover is third place, even if you have
more points then second place team.

No the 2nd place East team gets to host the game regardless of whether the crossover team has a better record then them. I think it was 3 or 4 years back the Riders either had a better record then TO or it was close, so I remember finding this out then when they crossed over this year.

Ricky didn't look horrible out there. He jsut didn't have much to look at.

is it possible to have two teams crossover to the east? ex. if all west teams have more points than the 3 worst east teams.


No esks123. Only one team can crossover.

It would be funny to see 5 west teams and 1 east team in the playoffs though.

What would you say to an all west Grey cup?

LMAO!!! so true

Seriously, I am NOT a fan of crossover..this is a East Versus West League and hopefully a Maritime team in the future will forever dispell the possiblity of this happening

Eskylo - I'd say it's a pretty strong possibility for this year.......... If there's a crossover, I think whichever team in 4th palce will beat Montreal and maybe beat Toronto in the final.... I'd love that haha. The cup needs to come back out west where it belongs.

i agree

Would Vancouver survive an all west Grey cup??? LOL

Long way from happening, but I'd be into it.

Somehow it would be blamed on the refs if it was all west Grey Cup.

No way the 4th place team in the west is going to the Cup game via the crossover. They'd have to win games in Montreal and Toronto.

not impossible, but highly improbable

no, unless their was a CO in 1981.

I say cool, but I'd like an all east one better.

It will be really hard on the team that CO's to make it to the Cup. they would be playing away games most (if not all cuz BC will definaly make it in novermber) of the time.

I love the CO, it's a great compromise for those who want a divisional/conferrence league and those who want one whole league.

Nice fantasy world you Westerners have going over there. Montreal and or Toronto will destroy your 4th place team. Bring it on! By the way Ottawa is still not finished.

If there is a crossover this year it will be easier for the fourth place team in the west to make it to the grey cup then the 3rd place team in the west.

I just think it'll be easier to beat Ottawa or Montreal and Toronto then the number 2 team in the west and B.C..

That's just my opinion. It's based on the fact that right now that out of the top 5 teams four are from the west. And B.C. is still unbeaten.

I agree right now with you, it would be an easier path via the East. But Toronto is a very good team and Montreal really is getting better and better. I'm not sure you will say the same thing at the end of the season. But we'll see. Bottom line is, it will be tough in either division for the 3rd or 4th place team to get through.