Question about the 2 Edmonton 3rd Down fakes.

I can't seem to find the complete game stats on the new and improved website.

Did Edmonton make any scores after either of thier 3rd down fakes?

I can't remember if Edmonton scored field goals after each of their 3rd down fakes.

If so that would be the difference of the game.

they scored a fg after the first fake dont remember about the 2nd one

The fake punts on 3rd down kept our defense on the field longer than they should have been after what should have been 2 and outs,
(Another example of us getting outcoached again)
On the Esks last drive in the 4th quarter when they ran the ball mercilessly against our very tired defence,well you know the rest,
Anyways a fake punt should almost always be stopped and to have it done twice is just poor coaching and demoralizing for the defense.