Question about stadium renovations

Could someone tell me if there is any money coming from the Feds or province to help the OSEG and city renovate the stadium? As far a I understand it there isn't any money coming. Thanks.

That is my understanding as well. Supposedly because it was a "sole-sourced" project.

That may be misleading. It sounded as though the feds ponied up a fair chunk of change to Ottawa to apply to improvements around the city and that if Ottawa wanted to, they could apply some of those funds to Lansdowne Park, but at the expense of other projects (roads, sewers, etc). Rather than divert, and since a financial plan had been worked out for the park, they're not going that route.

One of the councillors here was talking negatively about the cost of the project, but while talking about a transportation plan that would cost a projected 900M, he said we were "well-able" to afford THAT. So by comparison the 120M Lansdowne price tag seems pretty affordable.

That's what I thought. Thanks.

Until after our upcoming election is done and we have the same useless councillors and probably a new mayor in place nothing is going to get done at Lansdowne. I won't start believing that it will ever happen until I see a football being kicked for the home opener. This city sucks when it comes to moving forward on anything.

No, I disagree. The Mayor and the "good guys" on council have gone through all the hoops and voted for the site, then the renovations, then the planning permission. The idea was to have THIS COUNCIL see it through and it cannot be stopped now, despite what Doucet was saying. The next step is the bids for the actual construction with shovels in the ground by May. Can't be stopped!!!!

You might want to check out the Tiger Cat website, your comments might be more appropriate there.

I would love nothing more than to see them re-building Lansdowne Park. It looks like we will have a new mayor, the same one that wanted to tear the stands down and build condos when he was mayor the first time around. I do realize that Watson has changed his mind on tearing it down, but then I also know Watson is a career politician and his ties to the corrupt Provincial Liberals, so I really don't believe anything he says.

The new City council, and depending on who doesn't get re-elected, could end up with a shift in ideas, remember the contract for light rail that was cancelled by O'Brien and this bunch. The Ontario heritage group still has their hands in this going though, like I said, until I see a ball being kicked in a home opener, I won't believe it's really happened.

This city never gets anything done, council has no vision for this city.

I have only three requests for a new/renovation stadium in Ottawa.

  1. No running track. Screw that.

  2. First row of seats is elevated 30 feet off of the ground where lane 3 would normally begin if there were a running track.

  3. Steep seats thereafter like we have in a modern movie theater. The person's knees are at the same level as the top of the person's head that is in front of them.

Let's use the example of the University of Michigan/Nationwide Area (Columbus, Ohio) to build a stadium/arena. If the view of the action sucks in the blue prints it won't get better after it is built.

Found this on Twitter:

Looking forward to the 9 team CFL League again I must say. Good news for Ottawa.


Looks like a pretty stadium, but a little more bare-bones than I had in mind. With this view of the veil, I don't know if it offers any protection from the elements. Is it purely cosmetic?

Good news to see what looks like some endzone seating. Always looks better on TV to have even just a small endzone section.

Good luck, OSEG!

No End Zone seating, just a walkway. The pictures only show the new South Side with a cover protecting the seats. I know that the roof on the North Side is being removed and replaced, not sure if it will cover all of the seats.
I think the cost is around $175 million which is roughly what Hamilton will spend for the renovated IWS a similar project, IWS will not have end zone seats either. I think this is due to teams not wanting to put in the cheap seats.
As for bare bones, probably, you just have to look at the costs of new 60,000 seat stadiums these days $500 million plus and the price to put a new roof on BC Place at $675 Million.
So $175m is not a lot of money.

I'm looking at the middle picture. It looks like the lower deck wraps all the way around to the endzone. I like that.

I don’t know if this still up to date, but it breaks down the 170M to include the park and trade show facilities (off site).

The cost to the City to revitalize Lansdowne ($129.3 million), including the urban park ($35 million) and the new trade show and exhibition space ($8.5 million), is $172.8 million.

Have you seen the trade show building going up?

yes it looks that way. The thing I like is the wide walk way, so the concessions will be at the front of the stadium not hidden at the back like other stadiums. Looks like you can line up for your beer or food and still watch the action, no need to run down below or behind the stands. Great idea, I've never seen that before. I hope the new IWS takes some ideas from this design.