Question about Skydome (boo to the new/old name)

I was just reading that on sunday it will hold 45,000 or so. But for the grey cup they plan to manage an extra 10,000 (not including luxury suites) to make 55,000, in an indoor stadium. Thats quite a jump, i'm guessin they take out seats and put in some seats when its necessary? But i mean it must be those seats down near the sidelines they always look pretty high up, where else?

During the regular season, large tarps are placed over the endzone seating in the upper bowl, bringing capacity down to 44k and change. For the Grey Cup, the plan is to remove those tarps, bringing seating back to theskydome capacity of 55k and change.

I believe they have removed the sponsorship signage/tarps that cover the first bunch of rows in the lower bowl - because of the bad sight lines - and just decided to sell those too.

Also, I thought I read that they will have small mobile stands in the endzone area.

Should be a blast. I'm jazzed to go.

The name could be worse than the Roger's Centre. How would you like it to be called the Preparation H - Kotex Lightdays - Trojan Dome?

Knowing Paul Godfrey is involved with the place, it should be called the "con"dome.