Question about scoring plays being reviewed

My understanding is that all scoring plays are reviewed before they are allowed to stand. I thought this included penalties during the play as well. Case in point:

Re: Lions vs Toronto [August 06/12]

Parker [Lions] intercepted an Argo's pass and ran it in for a TD. Williams [Lions] was declared off-side which negated the TD by Parker and resulted in a 10 yard penalty against the Lions. Was this play not reviewed or does the penalty squash any chance of review if the penalty is ruled against the team that scored? If the scoring play had been reviewed it would have been determined upon review that Williams actually was not off-side. Apparently according to the half-time commentators Williams was not off-side. This would have allowed the TD interception to stand.

If anyone knows the actual rule regarding review of scoring plays I'd appreciate it. Incidentally I'm not talking about the coach challenging the ruling on the field regarding a penalty.

It sounds to me like penalties take precedence over any scoring play when against the team that scored. Maybe that rule needs to be tweaked if that is the case.

Penalties are not reviewable.

Only the following are reviewable:

  1. possession rulings in the end zone; forward progress with respect to first
    down or goal line; and end zone plays involving the sideline in goal and
    dead ball line
  2. passing plays – pass complete or incomplete.
  3. other detectable situations, such as a ball carrier ruled down by contact,
    and a fumble which occurred prior to down by contact

Penalties are not reviewable because to be fair they would also have to call any penalty that was missed during the live action - a nightmare situation as most people realize that a penalty could be called on just about every play if you look hard and long enough.

I suspect that they would not review the play because the accepted penalty makes it a non-scoring play. The problem here is that teams need to know whether the scoring play would stand before deciding whether to accept the penalty. For example, a third down gamble is ruled a touchdown, but the offence was flagged for offside. It looks like the offensive player's knee hit the turf before the ball crossed the goal line. Does the defence take the penalty, giving the other team a sure shot at three points, or decline the penalty hoping that the ruling of a touchdown gets overturned?