Question about scalpers.

Do they work for the organization or do they have some sort of permit?

I find it odd that the police sometimes harass a fan that is trying to sell a ticket to another fan because they cannot attend, while letting the scalpers walk the sidewalks with impunity.

To my knowledge, (which is desperately sparse) scalpers do not work for the organization nor have a permit.

It is odd that some scalpers seem to fly below the radar in plain sight of authorities..I believe some of these scalpers are well known to "beat" cops who just look the other way as the crime is not exactly a priority infraction and is usually up to the discretion of the officer.

It is not illegal to “scalp” tickets as long you are selling them at the face value of the ticket or less. I have bought many tickets off scalpers in Hamilton over the years and have never paid even close to the face value. So that is why they do it in the wide open without worry of being arrested.You can usually get tickets for about half of the ticket price. A really good deal if you asked me.

Scalpers rely on “inside connections” in order to survive.
A lot of tixs also come from visiting players who sell the allotment to cover their “liquid refreshments” for the day.

Some municipalities have laws requiring all street vendors, including scalpers, to have street vender permits. Does Hamilton have similar laws?

8) Scalpers making money in Hamilton is a fallacy !!
   Even the scalpers are biting the bullet and taking a financial bath in this city !!

    No body even wants tickets for free anymore.  Just look at the attendance for last weeks game here !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

If they weren't making money they wouldn't be doing it...

8) Well I can tell you for a fact, that I talked to a scalper half an hour before game time last game and he had at least
  40 tickets in his hand that he couldn't get rid of at any profitable price  !!!

   Unless he got those tickets for free, he is taking a financial bath !!

Chances are he didn't get them for free but he would have paid next to nothing for them. If he has tickets left over he can trade them in for a future game so he doesn't have to unload them untill the end of the season. I'm sure these guys aren't making much but they need to be making something or why do it.

If he has tickets left over he can trade them in for a future game so he doesn't have to unload them untill the end of the season.
Makavelli, you can trade unused tickets for future games? I assumed all tickets were non-redeemable, including future credits..

Guess I shouldn't have thrown away the 50 extra tix I had for last week's game...
oh well, see all you guys on the corner of Balsam and Beechwood and remember, cash only! :wink:

As far as I know, only seasons tickets can be exchanged for a future game and they can only be exchanged once. I confirmed this when I exchanged 2 unused tickets from earlier this year for one for last week's game and one for the game on the 22nd.

One thing the team should do, and I think did do in previous years, is put the actual sale price on seasons tickets rather than the single game price for that ticket. One could, in theory anyway, sell a ticket that is marked $72.00 for a higher price than what was paid as a season ticket holder - $57.00 and not break any law as long as the re-sale price is less than $72.00. This only encourages scalping, in my mind. I personally would never deal with a scalper, or ticket broker, but this is a personal ethical decision on my part.

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